PowerStance - Powdered coconut oil to make your horse glow from the inside out

PowerStance - Powdered coconut oil to make your horse glow from the inside out

The benefits of feeding oils to horses are well known.  Most oils are from plants such as canola, soybean, rice bran and maize, and are unsaturated.  It is suggested Saturated fats and oils have greater health benefits than unsaturated oils, however until now, saturated oils have only been available in unpalatable, impractical forms of animal fat.  Coconut oil is a source of saturated oil, but it readily solidifies and is often difficult to feed.

Stance Equine now offers you the solution. PowerStance, a natural, powdered coconut oil. Easy to use with no mess

 The Benefits of PowerStance

  1. PowerStance is unique because it is saturated (it does not go rancid) and it contains the most concentrated natural source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) available.  MCT's are easier to digest, absorb and utilize in comparison to the long-chain fatty acids found in unsaturated oils.  MCTs behave more like glucose and are immediately converted to readily available cool energy. 
  2. The oil in PowerStance is absorbed quickly and may assist the delay in muscle fatigue as well as assisting with muscle repair
  3. Some of the MCTs ( lauric acid and capric acid) in coconut oil possess antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties. They may help the immune system in fighting off viruses by forming an "envelope" around them, so rendering them harmless.   MCT's provide health benefits through their protective effects on skin, hooves and coat and possibly by removing harmful bacterial organisms from the gut. 
  4. Feeding coconut oil in the form of PowerStance can help offset  the harmful effects caused by feeds which are high in starch and sugar (NSC- Non structural carbohydrates).  It is postulated that feeds high in NSC (>12%) have damaging effects on a horse's digestive, immune and metabolic function.  High levels of NSC  possibly lead to ulcers in the stomach, leaky gut syndrome (dysbiosis) in the intestines and acidosis in the hind gut. This in turn can lead to increased circulating levels of glucose, and may cause insulin resistance. High NSC feeds are thought to be associated with obesity, colic, lameness, laminitis, tying up and Cushing's disease. The MCTs in PowerStance may have a protective effect on these systems, helping avoid obesity and insulin resistance.
  5. Powerstance may have a protective effect on the skin, often resolving skin infections and allergies
  6. Gives great shine and conditions to coat, mane and tail.

Many skin allergies such as dermatitis and hives are diet related.  Conditions such as mud fever (greasy heal) are also diet related.  Many of these conditions may possibly be avoided by feeding PowerStance at levels of 50-100 g/day.

Powdered coconut oil (PowerStance) combines the palatable and easy to feed solution to feeding saturated oils with the all health benefits of MCTs.

?I was having so many problems with my main competition mare as she got very sick at the Arabian Australian Championships and all went downhill from there. Two different vets and as many tests as we could do and nothing helped. Silver became quite underweight, poor hoof condition, coat colour was dull and dry, she was unhappy and had a lack of energy and overall she had lost her sparkle in her eye and half her mane was gone... 8 days it took me to start seeing a difference when she was put into PowerStance, and 14 days to a month she was picking up in condition through her body and weight. Her hooves were slowly becoming what they used to be and her coat was somehow rejuvenated. She?s a Palomino so I am very wary of smutting, but what we got was shiny, soft and healthy dapples - NO SMUT! I couldn?t believe my horse was back. After this, all my horses were going onto PowerStance. 

Seeing the changes in my horses, not just in physical changes, but also in my horse's behaviour! Not to mention the 8 reserve champions, 8 champions, 1 supreme, 2 Garlands and a Rug that Aloha Silhouette achieved after putting her on Powerstance! TRY IT! You have nothing to lose! Fussy horses, difficult horses... you?ll be amazed at the results you get. Now that we?re qualified for Sydney Royal for 4 different events, we still have a few big comps coming up. From showing at The Arabian National Championships, to the versatility challenge ?Ruth Dalton? and then across to eventing at the Hidden Valley One Day Event... it's all happening. And if the showing isn?t enough, we also have Championship Youth Titles to defend! But it's ok, WE have the SECRET WEAPON!?


  • Conditioning supplement for all classes of horses 
  • May assist coat condition, digestive health and stamina 
  • GMO and sugar free 
  • Easy to feed, no mess no fuss

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