Support Your Horse's Growth, Topline & Performance with GTP

Support Your Horse's Growth, Topline & Performance with GTP

Trying to develop muscle growth on horses can be challenging at times, especially when they are young and still growing and/or competing in high energy disciplines. It can also prove difficult when horses are picky eaters or have lost condition in general. Sometimes supplements can be a great alternative when traditional feeds are not achieving the desired results.

To support topline it's important to make sure you are using a supplement that has a source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that has been carefully selected to support muscle growth, development and energy supply.

To support your horse in performance it's also important to use a supplement that contains antioxidants to control damage from free-radicals, which may be a cause of fatigue.

How can GTP help?   

GTP is a premium blend of vitamins (including Vitamin E and B-Vitamins), Essential Amino Acids, Spirulina Powder, Minerals and Acid Buf, Fulvic Acid and many more carefully selected ingredients. The inclusion of gamma oryzanol, whey protein and tribulis powder is thought to promote muscle integrity and definition, which is important when trying to build topline. The high antioxidant content in GTP may help to control free-radical production, a possible cause of fatigue and health disorders. A blend of Amino Acids involved in energy and hormone production have been included, as well as MSM and glucosamine, which are essential for the support of ligaments, tendon and cartilage. The inclusion of inositol and choline bitartrate may improve the metabolism of fat from the diet.  

  • Gamma Oryzanol - derived from the mRNA of rice bran, may promote muscle growth.  
  • Vit B's - support appetite and recovery, as well as promoting calm behaviour by supporting nerve function.  
  • Whey protein - protein for muscle support  
  • Inositol and Choline - bitartrate fat transport and metabolism  
  • Amino acids - integral for all bodily functions and muscle growth

When to use GTP?   

GTP is used in the final stages of preparation for horses in high energy disciplines such as endurance, racing, show jumping, polo, cutting, dressage etc. It may also be used for horses with poor appetite or who have lost condition, and horses needing to build muscle and topline.  GTP is also useful when bringing horses back in from a spell, or during multi-day competitions. 

"We bought Cody at the end of 2017 as a rising three year old. He had been for sale for quite a while and had been viewed by a lot of people. I was attracted to his breeding and bought him after few weeks of discussions with his owner. It was fair to say he was going through the ugly duckling stage and needed some extra feeding up. After getting Cody home I rang the team at Stance Equitec and discussed what products would best benefit his growth. I put him on a course of Clean Culture to get his gut health working, so he could best utilize his feed. After a week we added to his feed EquiPower Maintenance oil and GTP. He began to transform before our eyes! We broke him in mid 2018, with the goal to compete him in the 4yr old classes at Aquis Champions Tour 2019. Not only did he compete at Aquis in the 4yr old classes he won leading ACE registered 4yr old! I could not recommend Stance Equitec products any more highly and they have definitely helped Cody become the horse he is today!" Tim Bowman


  • Promotes muscle integrity and definition 
  • Supports normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological functions 
  • Supports performance and endurance 
  • May reduce free radical damage 
  • For horses