Support your horse's overall digestive health with Clean Culture

The prevalence of gastric ulcers in horses can vary depending on various factors such as age, breed, management practices, and the specific population being studied. It is estimated that gastric ulcers affect a significant portion of the horse population. Here are some general statistics: 

  • Performance Horses: Studies have shown that a high percentage of performance horses, including racehorses, show horses, and eventing horses, are affected by gastric ulcers. The reported prevalence ranges from 60% to 90% in these populations. 
  • Foals: Gastric ulcers can also occur in foals, particularly during the first few months of life. The prevalence of ulcers in foals can range from 25% to 50%. 
  • Adult Horses: The prevalence of gastric ulcers in adult horses can vary depending on the population studied. Some studies have reported prevalence rates of approximately 37% to 59% in adult horses, while others have found lower rates ranging from 7% to 15%. 
It's important to note that these statistics are approximate and may vary based on the specific study population, diagnostic methods used, and other factors. Additionally, certain factors such as stress, intensive training, confinement, and dietary management practices can increase the risk of ulcer development in horses. If you suspect your horse may have gastric ulcers or if you have concerns about their digestive health, it is recommended to consult with a veterinarian for proper diagnosis, treatment, and management strategies tailored to your horse's individual needs.

Support your horse's digestive health with Clean Culture

Clean Culture is a 10-day liquid detox supplement made from natural ingredients designed to help protect against digestive upset and promote digestive tract health in horses during periods of change in environment or workload. Here are some key points about Clean Culture:

  • Digestive Upset Protection: Clean Culture is formulated to help protect horses from digestive upset, which can occur when there are changes in their environment or workload. These changes, such as traveling, competition, or dietary adjustments, can disrupt the balance of the digestive system and potentially lead to issues like colic or diarrhea. Clean Culture aims to support a healthy digestive system during these challenging periods. 
  • Promotes Digestive Tract Health: Clean Culture is specifically designed to promote the health of the horse's digestive tract. It contains ingredients that support the balance of beneficial gut bacteria, enhance nutrient absorption, and improve overall digestive function. These actions can contribute to maintaining a healthy gut environment and reducing the risk of digestive disturbances. 
  • Liquid Detox: It is in liquid form, which allows for easy administration and absorption by the horse's system. The liquid formulation may facilitate faster action and delivery of the active ingredients to the digestive tract. 
  • Duration: It is intended to be used for a 10-day period. This duration is chosen to provide sufficient support and aid in the restoration of digestive tract health during times of stress or change. 

When to use Clean Culture

  • Season change:  Changing seasons also means drastic swings in weather conditions and temp fluctuations that may affect the condition of your horse.
  • After worming: Worming affects the good bacteria in your horses gut, feeding Clean Culture will support the healthy bacteria for a healthier gut.
  • New Horse: Clean Culture supports nutrient digestion, so you can get a jump start on seeing the benefits when starting a new horse on a vitamin and mineral mix.
  • During Stress:  Stress from travel, or competing can have negative affects on horse's gut health, Clean Culture can support the horse's gut and digestive system to keep them in top condition. 

How to support your horses digestive health ongoing

  1. Use Clean Culture on a 10-day course designed to reset the gut and improve nutrient utilization in horses. It aims to promote a healthy digestive system and restore balance, particularly during times of stress or dietary changes. By supporting a healthy gut environment, Clean Culture may help reduce the risk of digestive upsets and potentially contribute to the prevention of ulcers.
  2. Then continue on with UlcaBuf, which is formulated to provide long-term support for horses prone to ulcers. It specifically targets the mucus membrane and stomach pH to help maintain a healthy gastric environment. By supporting the mucus membrane and promoting proper stomach pH levels, UlcaBuf may aid in the prevention of ulcer formation and support overall digestive health in ulcer-prone horses.

Additionally, it's worth noting that individual responses to these products may vary, and it's important to monitor your horse's condition closely and seek veterinary advice if there are any concerns about their digestive health or ulcer prevention.

I purchased Bond at the end of last year which was at the time an extremely risky purchase: He had never scored over 50% in dressage, he always had rails, he had control issues xc. A 10 day course of Clean Culture and WHAT a difference. He is waiting at the gate and neighing for his food. He has gained weight. He is so shiny. He licks his bowl clean. He seems much more relaxed and happy in himself in the paddock and to handle (he is generally pretty good under saddle anyway!). This product is brilliant and I'm so glad I've found it as he is a little stress head so tummy issues will always be part of his management. Thankyou so much!- Asha Warnock Equestrian

Maya was put on a 10 day course of Clean Culture right after cyclone Ita hit. I didn't see much change at all during the course, however was really surprised 2 days after the course was finished. She just looked better in herself and she looked like she had put on weight. Another week went by and it's like she is suddenly able to utilise nutrients in her food again. Thanks for coming up with a great product. I will be reaching for the Clean Culture now instead of the Ulcer Meds if we ever have another flair up.- Tegan Ford

Clean Culture

  • May support gut health 
  • May improve nutrient digestion 
  • May support beneficial intestinal microbes 
  • Contains prebiotics

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  • Supports proper pH under occasional gastric distress 
  • Helps support protective layer in the bowel 
  • Contains prebiotics and live probiotic for intestinal health