What is Psyllium husk?

Psyllium husk is a natural fibre derived from the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant. It is commonly used in equine supplements like SandBuster due to its unique properties and potential benefits for horses.?

When psyllium husk comes into contact with water or other liquids, it swells and forms a gel-like substance. This gelatinous consistency is believed to be beneficial for moving sand or other debris through the horse's digestive system.?

In horses that graze on sandy pastures or are exposed to sandy environments, there is a risk of sand impaction colic. This occurs when sand accumulates in the horse's hindgut, leading to digestive issues and potential blockages. Psyllium husk is thought to help in the management and prevention of sand impaction colic by promoting the movement of sand through the digestive tract.?

By including psyllium husk in a supplement like SandBuster, it is believed to provide an additional source of fibre that can help bind to sand particles and facilitate their passage through the horse's system. This can help reduce the risk of sand accumulation and associated colic.?

It's important to note that psyllium husk should be used as part of a comprehensive management plan for horses at risk of sand impaction colic. This may include proper pasture management, feeding strategies, and veterinary guidance. Consultation with a veterinarian is recommended to determine the appropriate usage and dosage of psyllium husk for your horse's specific needs.?

While psyllium husk is generally considered safe for horses, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and monitor your horse's response when using supplements containing psyllium husk.

"My ASH had a round of SandBuster at the start of the month. What a great product, it has worked wonders! We had heen trying straight psyllium husks once per month and they helped a little but not that much, but the SandBuster worked way better and had a longer lasting effect which is fabulous. I?m now feeding SandBuster once a month.? -Leanne

I love that SandBuster can be included in small amounts daily or at the recommended feeding rate monthly and then as required. We will definitely be keeping our ponies on this fantastic supplement!- Stephanie


  • Intestinal support for horses on sandy conditions

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