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  • Helps maintain general health and condition
  • No additional vitamin, mineral or salt supplement needed
  • Broad Spectrum all in one Supplement
  • Recommended for nervous, fizzy or excitable horses & ponies
  • Sizes 5kg, 12kg & 22kg (12 & 22kg not available online - all sizes available in stores)
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Additional Information

What is Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix®?
Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix is designed for nervous, anxious or highly strung horses and ponies. It is a broad spectrum supplement that contains balanced ratios of essential macro and trace minerals, vitamins and salt, but no protein, energy or fillers. Our unique formulation provides optimal support for utilization of nutrients for supporting hoof health, recovery from exercise, coat and overall condition. The B1 Cool Mix includes higher levels of Vitamin B1, Magnesium and Vitamin E than the Mineral Mix to support focus and attitude.

Why Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix®?

  • It is scientifically formulated for equine needs not particular pastures or geographical areas
  • A complete product – no need for additional vitamins, minerals or salts
  • May balance the diet where nutritional deficiencies and imbalances exist
  • Recommended for all breeds, ages, sizes and workloads
  • Suitable for horses with laminitis, cushing’s, EMS, PSSM, and Insulin Resistance
  • Contains essential nutrients for optimum growth and development of youngsters
  • Recommended for ALL soil and pasture types, with specific allowances for grazing oxalate pastures
  • Contains essential nutrients to support hooves, coat, body condition, recovery from work and optimal health
  • One 22kg bag can last a regular horse for nearly 12 months
  • Balanced and complete in a simple daily allowance
  • Helps manage normal stress
  • May improve focus and attitude

Add to feed, split between two feeds where possible. Can also be fed as a loose lick to horses not in work.
1 scoop = 70g

Scoops per day Pony 250kg Galloway 350kg Horse
Broodmare in foal 1/2 1 1 + 1/2
Broodmare lactating 1 1 + 1/2 2
Growing horses* 1 1 + 1/2 2
Light work 1/2 3/4 1
Moderate work 1/2 1 1 + 1/2
Heavy work 1 1 + 1/2 2
Oxalate pasture* 1 + 1/2 2 2 + 1/2








* For growing horses up to 3 years old, based on expected height when they reach maturity.
* Oxalate containing pastures include Kikuyu, Setaria, Geen panic, Buffel grass 


Typical Analysis (as fed)

Nutrient Amount /kg
Calcium 125g/kg
Phosphorous 80g/kg
Sodium 73g/kg
Chloride 115g/kg
Magnesium 90g/kg
Potassium 29g/kg
Sulphur 15g/kg
Copper 980mg/kg
Zinc 2100mg/kg
Selenium 9mg/kg
Manganese 980mg/kg
Iodine 4mg/kg
Iron 1500mg/kg
Cobalt 4mg/kg
Vitamin A 250000IU/kg
Vitamin E 1875IU/kg
Thiamine (B1) 1225IU/kg
Folic Acid 100IU/kg

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