Turmericle Golden Balm

Topical Application

• May assist minor wounds or skin conditions to prevent contamination and to allow inflammatory exudates to remain in contact with the wound.


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Curcuma Xanthorrhiza
Curcuma Longa
Boswellia oil
Aloe Vera juice
Potasium sorbate

Apply a liberal amount to the affected area. Turmericle Golden Balm may be used with or without bandaging the affected area. For best results, apply daily. Topical application. For animal use only.

Irritating Itch in Family Dog !

"My Miniature Pinscher had itchy red sore spots on her front feet, at the back above the pads. For some reason she would lick at them. Tried different anti itch washes but nothing worked. I have the Tumericle Golden Balm for the horses so gave it a g.. read more

Skin Conditions and Sarcoids

"We purchased Tolly as an eventer in 2011 . He was an 11 year old TB. He had the sarcoid then. You can see the small patch above his eye. The sarcoid hadn’t changed in the two years. My daughter took him from grade 3 pony club to one star in tw.. read more

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