UlcaBuf is an all natural, non medicated, supplement with specifically curated ingredients to support long term digestive function. Safe to use in horses with gastric ulcers and hindgut acidosis.

  • Supports proper pH under occasional gastric distress
  • Helps support protective layer in the bowel
  • Contains prebiotics and live probiotic for intestinal health
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What is UlcaBuf?
UlcaBuf is an all natural, non medicated, supplement with specifically curated ingredients designed to support long term digestive function. It is formulated specifically to support the stomach and the hindgut.

UlcaBuf can be used as a long term supplement for stomach and digestive maintenance support. UlcaBuf can also be used short term for 21 days for times of stress.

What you need to know:

  • Non medicated
  • Natural acid balancer
  • May assist stomach ulcers and hindgut acidosis

Contributing Risk Factors For Ulcers

  • Stress
  • Transportation
  • High-grain diet
  • Stable confinement
  • Intermittent feeding/lack of forage
  • Intense exercise
  • Racing
  • Illness
  • NSAID use
  • Management changes

About the Ingredients
Turmeric: Curcuma xanthorrhiza is a unique form of Turmeric where research has shown that when fed to horses it may suppress the formation of stomach ulcers. (1)

PowerStance (Powdered coconut oil): may assist in the absorption of the Curcuma xanthorrhiza, while the lauric acid may provide anti-bacterial properties.(2)

Seaweed Derived Calcium (Acid Buf): Harvested from red algae (Lithothamnion) from the ocean at the coast of Iceland. Lithothamnion has a honeycomb structure that provides a large surface area of (>10m2) per gram and a slow release of bio-available minerals, calcium, magnesium and silicon. It has a longer buffering action than limestone or sodium bicarbonate. Research shows this had a significant buffering action for 4-6 hours under simulated in vitro stomach digestion conditions and also stimulated in vitro hindgut fermentation activities.(3)

Actigen: is a strain of yeast containing Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS). MOS are considered a prebiotic and are thought to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. They are thought to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in the hindgut. They may also boost the immune function in the digestive tract.

Yea-SaccTS: Yea-sacc is a probiotic (live microorganism) that works symbiotically with Actigen (a prebiotic) and helps promote beneficial bacteria and fibre digestion in the hindgut as well as help to stabilise the hindgut pH.

Sodium Alginate: may assist in maintaining the integrity of the mucus membrane within the digestive tract.

1. Pre-Treatment with Turmeric (C. Xanthorrhiza) Reduces the Severity of Squamous Gastric Ulceration in Feed Restricted Horses. J Anim Sci Res 3(1) Fletcher SPS, Gough SL (2019)
2. Antimicrobial Property of Lauric Acid Against Propionibacterium Acnes: Its Therapeutic Potential for Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris, Nakatsuji, T et.al. (2009) J. Invest. Dermatology 10:2480-2488
3. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 34(3):391–397, Moore-Colyer, M. et al. (2014)

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UlcaBuf should be introduced gradually into diet over a two week period. 
Add to feed, split into two feeds (morning and night) where possible. 
Always provide access to clean water. 

1 scoop = 40g

Morning feed:    1/2 x scoop (20g)
Night feed:         1/2 x scoop (20g)

Stress: for 21 days
Morning feed:    1 x scoop (40g)
Night feed:         1 x scoop (40g)

Recommended rate based on a 500kg horse

A propietary blend [Curcuma xanthorrhiza, Powdered coconut oil, Seaweed derived calcium, Actigen®, Yea-SaccTS® (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Sodium alginate]. 40g

Calcium 93 g/kg
Magnesium 19 g/kg
Sodium 7.8 g/kg
Potassium 7.7 g/kg
Phosphorus 1.4 g/kg

Support horse horses digestive health with UlcaBuf

Ulcers are a commonly spoken about topic in the horse world. Gastric, or stomach, ulcers are sores that form on the stomach lining. Ulcers can affect horses of any age, breed, or sex, and the leading causes can include heavy work, nutrition, feeding practices, and stabling. Unfortunately the prevalence of ulcers in horses is very high with 90% of all performance horses having had ulcers at one point during their life.   Read more


What percentage of forage should a horse consume per day?

The general guideline for horses is to consume approximately 1.5-2% of their body weight in forage each day. This includes pasture, hay, or other forms of forage. Read more


Seaweed Derived Calcium - A digestive buffer

Seaweed-derived calcium, specifically sourced from red algae (Lithothamnion) found in the ocean near the coast of Iceland, is used as an Acid Buf in certain supplements. Lithothamnion has a unique honeycomb structure, which provides a large surface area of more than 10m2 per gram. This structure allows for a slow release of bio-available minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and silicon. Read more


Actigen in UlcaBuf - Digestive Health Support

Actigen is a proprietary prebiotic ingredient that is included in Ulcabuf to provide support for long-term digestive health in horses. Prebiotics are substances that selectively promote the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, known as probiotics. They serve as a source of nutrition for these beneficial bacteria, helping to maintain a healthy balance of gut microflora. Read more


What does feeding low non-structural carbohydrates (NSC's) and digestive health have in common?

Feeding low non-structural carbohydrates (NSCs) and supporting digestive health are interconnected in several ways: Read more


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"Noddy is prone to ulcers and never eats when locked up for a few days and is usually super cranky at the same time. He's been on the Ulcabuf since I received it last week and this week he's been locked up due to it raining and being too wet. I&rsquo.. Read More

"Great results noticeable improvement in his overall disposition day 4 of treatment. 3 weeks after Jai started UlcaBuf he was entered in an 80km endurance event. Prior to this event he had been withdrawn due to ulcers once at 146km and then at 60km... Read More

"I have been keen with digestive management with my horses since 2007-2008, back when some vets still said that gastric ulcers don’t exist in (non-competitive) horses. Over the years I have battled both gastric ulcers and colonic ulcers in my h.. Read More

Anxious to Settled on UlcaBuf

" For the past 2 yrs we have struggled to find a product to help one of our horses who was for ever having soft , and at times runny poo , anxious and unsettled when taken out to comps . A friend put us onto UlcaBuff and he hasn't looked back... Read More

UlcaBuf Helping Champions

“Our very successful welsh Pony Mare Imperial Bow Bell twice Champion Sydney Royal andNational Pony Of The Year All Breeds winner! Bella had her first foals November 2017 andsuddenly became very stressed when ever she was locked.. Read More

“ Week 0:• cinchy• ears pinned when saddle raise towards his back• drags back feet• stool are on the soft side with liquid present during defecating• can have liquid when passing gas• his back is sensitive Succeed faecal te.. Read More

Used on bay Standardbred mare 2011 in racing.Negative signs of ulcers she showed were:• picky eater going off feed after racing• very unsettled at races trying to squash handlers in the tie-ups when harnessing up• at home war.. Read More

“Thank you for the trial of UlcerBuf for my daughters horse. I waited till after Christmas to start him on this. I think we had great results , he seemed happier especially in his work. We took him to a clinic and nothing faz.. Read More

“I started my sons 20yr old riding ponymare on UlcaBuf over 6 months ago. Shehas been diagnosed with cushioningdisease and suffered a bout of laminitisover 18months ago.I was looking to support her overalldigestive tract afte.. Read More

“I know I rattle on about UlcaBuf but I do it for a reason. This contains a before taken Nov 4 , 2018 andan after Dec 20 , 2018. Here UlcaBuf was used on thoroughbred sales yearling preparation. The salesyearlings dont get pa.. Read More

“I just wanted to send through a quick message to say what great results I’ve had on your products, my Hanoverian mare is on your Ulcabuf and Osmoplex and has been absolutely thriving on them. Her attitude to work has complet.. Read More

“I knew my Endurance Gelding Teddy had ulcers when he started drinking excessively and had diluted urine. I had him scoped and ulcers confirmed followed by a course of medication set by our vet. Afterwards though I wanted to.. Read More

“I have used UlcaBuf now for over 18 months on my hard-working endurance horses. I love this product as it has saved me so much money in not having to treat for ulcers. I have had no issues with ulcers at all and now have hap.. Read More

I have an OTT (of the track thoroughbred) who has displayed symptoms of but health issues.  I now use Coolstance Copra and UlcaBuf.  My horse loves these products and his symptoms of biting me while being girthed, biting at his offside girt.. Read More

"My 6 year old's whole demeanour had changed to the point of her becoming dangerous to approach, rug, feed, catch etc., let alone ride! Then, three weeks ago I started feeding her UlcaBuf. I changed nothing else. Two weeks in and she was a different.. Read More

“Hey I just wanted to let you know I picked up a small 1kg bucket of UlcaBuf to get my horses started on it and my extremely girthy/ very dramatic about it gelding who is constantly fighting ulcers. After 48hrs on UlcaBuf I put his saddle on today.. Read More

“In my time working as a professional rider I have dealt quite a few times with new horses that came in with stomach ulcers and it really took a while to figure out how to deal with it. So many options… As a preventative I have finally found a suc.. Read More

5 Weeks on UlcaBuf and I have a happy colt and no naughty habits!Thank you for your products. - Jo Read More

"I use UlcaBuf before, during and after competitions on my off the track Thoroughbreds. Since using UlcaBuf I have never ever had an ulcer problem." - Emily Patterson Read More

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