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Take all of the guesswork out of choosing the right products for your horse - no login required. 
Simply answer the short questionnaire and Stance TruGuide will generate you a tailored balanced diet with product suggestions.

Feeding your horse can be confusing. So many products, so many theories, too much conflicting advice. Combining Stance Equitec’s wealth of expertise and range of nutritional knowledge, with Stance TruGuide you can be your horse’s personal nutritionist. 

With Stance TruGuide you can give your horse:

A Balanced Feed
Enter your feed, pasture and hay and Stance TruGuide will calculate if your feeds require additional nutrients to provide a balanced diet

A More Cost Effective Diet

Stance TruGuide will suggest alternate feeds and supplements that may provide a more cost effective balanced diet for your horse

Support For Existing Conditions
Are you concerned about a possible condition such as laminitis, arthritis or ulcers? Stance TruGuide will suggest supplements designed to support the normal body processes in horses with a known condition. 

A happier, healthier horse in 3 steps

  1. Answer the questions on your horses breed, age, activity level, grazing etc.
  2. Select the conditions your horse is prone to, and what you would like to achieve in your horse
  3. Download your easy to read report with suggestions on how to achieve a balanced diet


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