Sustainability at Stance

Stance takes pride not only in our unique range of products, but we stand behind our values of delivering world class nutritional products and leadership in sustainable environmental solutions. And it’s with the support and dedication of our staff and customers that we push the boundaries, creating positive change by delivering responsible alternatives with intelligence.  

We work closely in partnership with our suppliers to ensure that ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically, whilst supporting the local community whenever possible. In our long history working with the farmers in Papua New Guinea to source our coconut based CoolStance, we have supported building and upgrading of hospitals, schools built and community sports centres.  Of equal importance is the product (and waste) coming out of our manufacturing businesses. We are continually looking at new more environmentally friendly technology and this market is changing all the time. With our CoolStance, due to the high oil content of the feed we are unable to make the change to paper bags. Where possible we encourage customers reuse their feedbags. Alternatively we do recommend plastic feed bags be recycled at major supermarket plastic recycling facilities.  

All the tubs and pails used in our supplement ranges are also recyclable and just recently we have established a new initiative, teaming up with a local day-care centre to reuse some of the packaging that our raw ingredients arrive in. The centre are repurposing our cardboard boxes and cylinders for creative play, painting and building tools and we hope to be able to expand on this venture and reduce our waste even further.  We are also fortunate that our manufacturing is located nearby a TOMRA recycling facility, which encourages staff to recycle goods from the office and their homes.  We recycle cardboard, paper, drums and wooden pallets.