Allison Britton

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updated at: Tue 07 Apr 2020

Canine Disc Team:

GT, Decoy, Spirit, Ruckus, Logic, Bonus, Focus, Rumour, Rehab, Extra, Addict & Trendy 

GT (right) & her daughter Decoy (left) with some of their canine Disc titles 

Winnings from a weekend at the Gold Coast back in 2016 

L- R - Spirit, Ruckus, Logic, Decoy, Bonus, GT, Focus & Rumour 

2014 QLD state Champion haul for Focus (L) & GT (R)

2014 end of year awards from L-R Logic, Decoy, GT & Focus 

2018 QLD State Titles, L-R - Rehab, Extra, Bonus, Logic & Decoy

2017 QLD State Titles Haul 

L-R , Rehab, Logic, Decoy & Bonus 

Decoy 1st place podium spot 2017 State titles , her brother Detail came 2nd 

Addict & Trendy (at the back) with Rehab and their Qualifying cards from the NSW local comp held in Feb 2020 


Gold in Canine Disc Excellent



2018 QLD State Titles


Rehab, Extra, Bonus, Logic and Decoy

2014 End of Year Awards


Logic, Decoy, GT and Focus

2014 QLD state Champions


Focus and GT

Gold in Freestyle Skills Beginner & Canine Disc Open



2016 Winners at Gold Coast Canine Disc


Spirit, Ruckus, Logic, Decoy, Bonus, GT, Focus and Rumour

2017 QLD State Titles 1st Place


Decoy in 1st place and her brother Detail in 2nd 

Rehab, Logic and Bonus also earned titles 

2020 Qualified in NSW local competition


Addict, Trendy and Rehab