Alysha Faets

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updated at: Thu 02 Nov 2017

I live in Sydney and regularly compete in NSW only with a few trips to Canberra occassionally.

Disciplines: Show Horse and Breed events and occassionally pony dressage

My Team:

Groom: Tracey Faets My mum is my rock and regularly accompanies me to shows. You will always see her with a smile on her face and I quite often lose her as she is always talking to everyone! I usually make her wear a bright pink hat just so I could find her at shows.

Taliem Takara: 7yo small bay galloway mare known as 'Willow' (Willowcroft Regal Celebrity x Rathowen Ticker Tape). Willow is a sweet natured, big moving galloway with typical mare antics but she makes us love her more each day. Together we have won multiple royal, state, national & east coast championships and hope to continue to aspire to high levels of training and competition.

Paulgren Park Halo: 5yo chestnut pony mare known as 'Evie' (Rhyl Jupiter x Dunelm Briar Rose). Evie has had a fantastic light led career and will commence her newcomer saddle year in 2018 as a show hunter pony. We have owned Evie since she was 6 months old and have achieved multiple royal wins, and state & national championships. We look forward to commencing a saddle career with our Evie and expect she will continue to make us proud.

Patria Chocolate Ripple: 19yo brown pony mare known as 'Ripples' (Suyria x Yarrandale Sweet). Although retired, Ripples continues to play a major role in my life and manages to appear at a show about once a year! The latest win for Ripples is 3x Champions at the 2017 East Coast Arabian Championships, after winning 2x Champions at the 2016 Australian National Arabian Championships. Ripples had a colourful career across show hunter, breeds, working hunter, pony dressage, versatility challenges and showjumping including winning multiple royals, state, nationals, east coast and Grand National qualifier championships. Ripples is the queen of our stables and still enjoys going for a gallop, but her favourite pastime is eating and bossing us around!

Goals for the future: Looking forward to starting Evie under saddle and competing in Newcomer Events

Royals: to enter in open galloway classes with Willow - All the major breed shows including East Coast Arabian Champs, National pony of the Year, Australian Arabian Championships etc

Pony dressage: commencing a pony dressage career with Willow

Ripples: who knows if and when she will appear again!