Noah Hoogland

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updated at: Tue 02 Oct 2018

I have been riding horses since the age of two. I was introduced to endurance riding at the age of four and fell in love with it at the get go. I love being with my horse for the hours involved in training and competing. I love creating a bond and relationship with my horse so that we can trust each other. I enjoy being watchful and alert during a ride and looking for obstacles, animals, arrows and tracks to take care of my horse. The smell and excitement of going to new places and riding new tracks is great fun. It’s just me and my horse, maybe some riding buddies, on an endurance ride somewhere out on a quiet track hoping we will complete. Every ride is a new adventure.

We have three purebred Arabians:

·         Steel Poppy Hot Chocolate

·         Bonds Ballistic

·         Cedar Ridge Leeroy Brown

I ride our three horses in training at home and in competition at rides. They’re all different characters but they’re all lots of fun in their own way. In training at home I ride with my mum and my two sisters. We do a lot of night riding together. I also often train on my own. We live in Upper Brookfield in western Brisbane so our tracks are very hilly. I love where we live and I love riding our horses through the bush, day and night.

I completed my first 20km ride when I was five years old and was completing 80km rides when I was nine years old. I won my first 80km ride when I was 10 years old. At the first 80km ride for 2018, I entered the ride on my own and won first place junior, best condition horse and was third over the line in a field of 48 horses. Recently, I was one of the youngest riders to enter the Queensland Endurance State Championship 160km ride and I placed equal first to hold the title of state champion, junior division. This has been my greatest riding achievement so far. I look forward to being old enough to enter the Australian Tom Quilty in 2019. I would also like to complete the Tevis Cup in America and hope to one day represent Australia at the World Equestrian Games.

Steel Poppy Hot Chocolate

Bonds Ballistic

Cedar Ridge Leeroy Brown

Sarah Sullivan Photography