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Turmericle® Darcy the Cattle Dog with Cushings and Severe Arthritis

"Darcy is my 14yo red he is registered with Dogs Victoria and he is an obedience champion Darcy has cushings disease and severe arthritis he has had 2 bouts of cancer over the past 2 years and I honestly believe if not for my wonderful vet David Guest and your Turmericle power he would not be here my blue girl who is 6yo has many anxiety problems but since on your powder she too has improved out of sight I cannot recommend this product highly enough I don't believe my old boy would still be with me without it thank you so much." Joy Quinn Read More

Clean Culture® Colic in Arabian mare Maya

"My Arabian Mare, Maya has been having Gastro intestinal issues for the past 6 years, basically the whole time I have had her. Mostly nasty spasmodic colic’s that come on frequently but resolve rather rapidly as well. She has been treated for Ulcers over the past 6 years. She has had ultrasounds, blood tests, belly taps repeatedly over the past 6 years, but in the past few months she had them all done again. Nothing unusual comes up in her tests, so we still have no official diagnosis for her. We know that she is very sensitive to sugars and fructans in the grass and her feed contains no sugars or grains. Most of her flair ups are over.. Read More

CoolStance Allergies in Grand Prix Dressage Horse BIFF

"This is a photo of my horse Biff taken in 2008 when he suddenly (at the age of 15) became allergic to pretty well everything. Amongst his long list of allergies were all ‘conventional’ horse feeds, but we found the one feed he was not allergic to was CoolStance copra. Since 2008 Biff’s only hard food has been CoolStance Copra & I shall post a photo from this summer.. This photo is my horse Biff taken in July 2012 having just won the FEI Grand Prix at the Cornish Dressage Festival. It’s now just over four years and in that time Biff’s only hard feed has been CoolStance Copra. He is now 19yo and working better.. Read More

EquiPower Maintenance Equipower Oil and Coat Condition

"This is my daughters cob X paint mare who's on the Equipower maintenance. People quite literally stare at her where ever she goes and cause they know I work at southwest stockfeeds (Wagga Wagga) they stare at me. What's she on? I want that coat! Lol. Such a great product that's easy to sell. It sells itself." Jenna" Read More

GroStance® Condition and Topline of Ponies

"Would love to thank Stance Equine for getting me onto this great product- GroStance!! I have to say i love anything that is proven to help my babies and is also extremely healthy! A few weeks back i messaged a staff member and told her i was desperate for something to help nourish and put weight back on my girls! Chiquita the mare i have had since a little girl had a foal the end of last year (only her second foal) and just didn't pick up like she should have! - we wormed her, had her teeth done, started feeding her up but nothing was hiding those ribs! Just after a few short weeks on GroStance and only being fed every second day her ribs ar.. Read More

GTP® Endurance Horse Jum Jum Spirit

"Preparing for Australia’s toughest endurance ride takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a balanced diet using the best and finest products on the market. A combination of Stance Equitec products assisted in the development of Jum Jum Spirit’s campaign to qualify and to successfully complete the Tom Quilty 2015. GTP was the icing on top of the combined Stance Equitec supplements. By adding GTP to twice daily feeds three weeks out from the competition, muscles defined, strength became obvious and the finishing touches were complete.  He was ready for action. I would never have dreamt that by adding GTP, all that went before.. Read More

Impruval® Attitude and Behavior in Show Jumper

"My 7yr old mare CP Ellira is quite sensitive and highly strung at the best of times, but in May this year she became even harder to deal with. She became extremely head shy, hard to catch and difficult to ride. As a Stance Equitec sponsored rider I rang them asking for recommendations on a product that may help, a staff member recommended Impruval, formally known as Nitro G as she thought it may be hormone related. Within one week I began to notice positive changes and within three weeks she is back to her normal self and even jumped double clear in her first 1.25m at the 2017 Bundaberg Show. The changes were amazing and she has returned to.. Read More

OsmoPlex® Hydration and Sweating

"I had been having a few respiratory issues with my top horse and wanted to make sure that he was back feeling his best as soon as possible. I had tried a few other products with no luck, until I tried Equitec Osmoplex. Within just a week of using Osmoplex he was nearly back to normal his sweating had increased and his puffing had decreased. His first weekend back competing, on Osmoplex he placed top 4 in every class including jumping only one of two clear first rounds in the Grand Prix. I will certainly be continuing to use Equitec Osmoplex and hope to try a few of the other products due to the great success I have had with Osmoplex. To top.. Read More

Placid Rein® Attitude and Behavior of Nervous Horses

"Placid Rein would have to be one of the best products I have used on the market for uptight, highly strung and nervous horses. With having a team of show horses in the past I have tried and tested numerous products to aid in calming these types of animals. Nothing has  come close to the response Placid Rein has. My team of horses successfully competed at the recent Sydney Royal show performing at their best handling the electric atmosphere with ease, feeling very relaxed but with enough 'energy' to cope with the week long event. For  my mares that have a lot of blood it keeps their level of excitement under wraps, my thoroughbred w.. Read More

PowerStance® Itch In Our Dog Olivia

"Hello there. I'd love to chat about my dog Olivia. She is now so well and so happy. For 4 years she has had intense itchy skin (diagnosed atopic dermatitis by Beth McDonald dermatologist at Sydney Referral Hospital) which started at 12 weeks. She is highly allergic to most plants and most food and I have not used any chemicals on her for 2 years when she scratched all the skin off her neck in response to Frontline. Many many graphic pictures. She has been shaved close to the skin for 3 years until I started her on turmeric and Powerstance when I bought it. Always had fungal problems chewing her feet and her legs and yeast infections in her e.. Read More

ProFlex® Joints and Legs

"A.S.H.  Driscolls Kintire, At age 17 with an issue of an abscess which turned into a mild case of laminitis which reoccurred a year later again resulting this time with a slightly rotated pedal bone. After recovering from the second issue of laminitis I discovered ProFlex when I went to the horse chiropractor, Robert Humphries. After using the ProFlex for a short time I noticed a difference in the size of the small calcification on the near side front pastern which had the slight rotated pedal bone, the ProFlex would shrink and control this while being used. Had no more reoccurrence of laminitis or any arthritis after using ProFlex. Pro.. Read More

Respirite® Harness Racing Horses

"As a Standardbred owner, I had endured many successive seasons where at times my racing team was adversely impacted by illness. To remain competitive, equine health is essential to remain viable. The cost and frustration of sending the team for a spell and having them worked back to peak racing fitness is significant. Respirite is a product that reinforces the equine immune system to such an extent that periods of sickness have been significantly reduced in severity. My team have now been using Respirite for about 4 years with results that have been very satisfactory. During this period, my team have not been afflicted with a significant ill.. Read More

Toxin Binder Skin Conditions, Inflammation and Allergies

"I had heard about toxin binders for a while through different people and equine nutrition forums but never really considered using one since my horses are lucky enough to be grazing on improved pasture. Then a few months back my thoroughbred developed scabby itchy patches along his back and down his legs and also noticeable drop in his top line. I tried many different topical treatments and washes but no change his back was hot and sore and no way I could put a saddle on him. I decided I had nothing to loose by trying a toxin binder and within a week his itch was gone. I have also noticed a huge change in his overall condition and energy lev.. Read More

Turmericle® Skin and Coat Condition

"Tumericle, I think one of my favorite products. Although I have many……. So maybe the favorite of the month. My horse had suffered Ross River Fever a few years back and as a result his coat went yellow. I had tried numerous products from all over, even the US that ‘guarantee’ to turn the coats black again. And you guessed it…… none of them did a thing! Except to my bank account! I even had blood test after blood test done. I tried everything to try and get his coat back to normal for over 12 months!! Then I met your wonderful Lisa. A local to my area so I was the luckiest person around having my own sal.. Read More

Turmericle® Irritating Itch in Family Dog !

"My Miniature Pinscher had itchy red sore spots on her front feet, at the back above the pads. For some reason she would lick at them. Tried different anti itch washes but nothing worked. I have the Tumericle Golden Balm for the horses so gave it a go. Morning and night I applied it and on day 2 I could barely see the red hot spot. Works a treat." Kim Read More

Turmericle® Golden Gel Skin Conditions

"We purchased Tolly as an eventer in 2011 . He was an 11 year old TB. He had the sarcoid then. You can see the small patch above his eye. The sarcoid hadn’t changed in the two years. My daughter took him from grade 3 pony club to one star in two years. He is a wonderful and much loved horse. The sarcoid got active. Very active. It kind of crept up on us. Like one minute it was fine and next not. We took him to the vets in Ballarat. We were told he would lose his eye as the sarcoid would force his eye closed. As you can see this was already happening. The treatment offered was very expensive and very aggressive. We were not prepared to put him.. Read More

UlcaBuf® Ulcers in Showjumper Noddy

"Noddy is prone to ulcers and never eats when locked up for a few days and is usually super cranky at the same time. He's been on the Ulcabuf since I received it last week and this week he's been locked up due to it raining and being too wet. I’m happy to say he hasn’t lost his appetite and he licked his bin clean and hasn't even been cranky so I'm super happy! I will definitely be placing another order soon because I'm nearly out!" Emily and Noddy Read More

VitaStance® Combined Mineral Supplement and Condition in Show Arabians

"That stance equine stuff is amazing! Kio had a reaction to bites around mid oct and his coat was terrible always patchy and he kept getting reactions from getting hot. One week back on stance and his coat has grown in nice and even and no more bumps! Thrilled! Also had quite a few people ask what I was doing different with Stawm as his coat and condition looked so good, only thing different was Stance for the week leading up (this was to National Arabian Stud Show in Nov 2013). Thanks for putting me onto such a great product. The first pic (by Samantha Taylor) of our ARP colt Mylani Akio is at the Vic Champs about 2 weeks after his initial r.. Read More

ProFlex® Legs and Joints

"I have been using Proflex with confidence. My horses have been feeling fantastic. For peace of mind, it's a low cost way of knowing I'm assisting with recovery and helping to maintain healthy joints for the future." Natasha Nilsson Read More

Placid Rein® PLUS Behavior in Showjumper

"So yesterday I took Electronic Fortune to his first show jump training day since he retired from racing in Hong Kong last year. He is usually very highly strung around other horses so I always feed Equitec Placid Rein for training at home. I was expecting this to be quite stressful for him (the floating and the show itself) so I switched him to the Placid Rein+ for 5 days before to reduce his nerves and he was impeccably behaved! It was the first time he's seen more than one cross rail and apart from a couple of refusals he cleared every jump with feet to spare! He also stood tied to the float all day like a pro! For extra peace of mind I re.. Read More

Clean Culture® Gut condition

"I purchased him at the end of last year which was at the time an extremely risky purchase: - he had never scored over 50% in dressage - he always had rails - he had control issues xc But there was something about him I really liked and just hoped that I could bring out the best in him. When I got him I was fairly confident some of his issues were tummy related. I put him on comfort gut, a toxin binder, which seemed to work quite well and his results were great - never missing out on a ribbon. He then started to go off his food, his poo became pretty well diahorria, he lost weight. I stared him on cool stance and he did start to pick u.. Read More

Clean Culture® Clean Culture and Digestive Issues

"Meet Electronic Fortune, an ex race horse from Hong Kong. Since retirement Fortune and I have teamed up for a few trail rides and a couple of recent adventures in Show Jumping. The First picture is him in early January 2016. He was getting hard fed twice a day, lots of hay and had plenty of grazing, but his coat was dull and he wasn’t gaining any weight despite all the feed. I gave him a course of Equitec Clean Culture (10 days) as I suspected at the very least he had digestive upset if not ulcers. Following the course he immediately started to pick up. His coat improved and he started to gain weight. The second picture is him two week.. Read More

Clean Culture® Journey To Health

"We bought this mare in this skinny condition (top image). She was clearly unwell. Your sponsored rider Tim Bowman suggested I try Equitec Clean Culture and Respirite to detox her system. I’m very happy with her improvement. Together with great food and lots of love, I really do believe your products turned her around in two weeks! These photos are a month apart...we reckon she gained 150kg at least ...and no sign of her cold. She’s looking beautiful now and better every day."Monika Read More

OsmoPlex® Helping With Anhidrosis

"It's not a long one but a few years ago I had taken my horse Jake (Brave Hope) to a dressage competition at PRARG (Park Ridge QLD). We had gone out many times without ever having shown signs of anhidrosis, but this time was different, it was summer so fairly warm day, I had ridden my test but by the end of it Jakes heart was pounding and he wasnt sweating, I scratch the next test and spent an hour cooling him down before even trying to take hime home. He was born at Tambourine so was accustomed to QLD climate, had not been ill, so it was very worrying why this had happened all of a sudden. The only thing I could think of was that he had had.. Read More

Placid Rein® Jum Jum Spirit the Quilty Endurance Horse

"I love being met over the fence by bright, shiny, healthy eyes. Jum Jum Spirit is a picture of health thanks to the combination of Stance Equitec products. As an endurance horse Jum Jum Spirit trains hard and eats like he is famished. The energy that is required to pound out the distances that we do in the time allocated is enormous. The combination of Stance Equitec products with the inclusion of EquiPower Maintenance has produced excellent results. In the past twelve months Jum Jum Spirit has successfully completed ten endurance rideswith two of those being 160km. I cannot recommend Stance Equitec products highly enough as our results spea.. Read More

PowerStance® Dapples on an Arabian

"Alysha Faets got me on to this. I was having so many problems with my main competition mare as she got very sick at the Arabian Australian Championships and all went downhill from there. 2 different vets and as many tests as we could do and nothing helped.. Silver became quite underweight, poor hoof condition, coat colour was dull and dry, she was unhappy and had a lack of energy (she's known for being lazy but nothing like this) and over all she had lost her sparkle in her eye and half her mane was gone... 8 days it took me to start seeing a difference, and 14 days to a month she was picking up in condition through her body and weight. Her.. Read More

PowerStance® Shiny Coat Covered in Dapples

"I started riding  Make A Wish (Aka Mira)  January 2010 and preparing her for the upcoming show season for her owners.  As she was settling into a new home and schedule she lost a bit of condition, and we tried many weight gain products which, although she did put the weight on and give her a shine, we soon discovered she was not tolerating the excessive protein in the weight gain feed products. Her behaviour was not affected, but she broke out in lumps both side of her neck. We had numerous tests completed and found this to be excessive protein intolerance. I then took her off the high protein diet and needed something to help.. Read More

PowerStance® Coat condition

My daughters pony Ronny: I have used PowerStance on him leading up to the PC State Gymkhana for the last two years running and he has won the presentation section both years! I believe the reason he has been so successful is my use of PowerStance, it’s a fantastic product and am now using it on ALL my horses. “ Andree Ravenscroft Read More

PowerStance® Coat Condition in Ponies

"Splash a sale pony who came to us 4 weeks ago was put on to PowerStance to help his very dull pally coat. WOW look at him now his owners said it does’nt even look like the same pony."  Tui Lodge Read More

PowerStance® Powdered Coconut Oil Is Hassle Free!

"Tully's only been on it for a month or so and I've never seen him gleaming like this. Amazing!! Thankyou Stance Equitec! He's normally got a good shine anyway, but I have to say that the difference in his coat was amazing - AND these photos haven't been touched up - straight from the camera. !! I've put all the neddies on it now - even dear old Arnie at 32 who's coat can get a little scuffy. I used to buy 5 gall tins of canola oil and feed that to them every day, but have cut that out some time ago when I introduced Powerstance to their diet. Less hassle and better results.... Bingo!!" Anne Read More

PowerStance® Healthy Hooves Mane and Tail

"My farrier comments on how healthy Jum Jum Spirit’s hooves are. I put nothing on these tough, healthy feet. It is purely his healthy diet and exercise. Jum Jum Spirit’s glossy coat, healthy hooves and soft flowing mane and tail have improved since PowerStance was introduced into his diet. Packed with all the goodness of coconut oil PowerStance has cleverly been powdered which has made feeding coconut oil a dream." Virginia Dale Read More

PowerStance® Coconut oil for Dogs

"We rescued our puppy from a pound and from the time we brought her home she has had skin irritations. This was probably the reason she was named SLINKY! The condition of her coat deteriorated to the point that the Vet suggested that she might have thyroid cancer. After testing cost over $350 and a clean bill of health, the Vet was still perplexed as to why Slinky’s hair was still in patches. The next course of action suggested was for a skin biopsy to determine if she had any underlying problems. The next Vet bill was over $1,000 after all the medication and tests!!!! Again Slinky was given a clean bill of health. In frustration of con.. Read More

PowerStance® Coconut Oil For Dog's Coats

"Delilah is a 2 year old English Mastiff and her partner in crime is Peggy-Sue a one year old Labrador. These girls are fed a diet of PowerStance, high quality dog biscuits and chicken once a day. They also have large marrow bones as treats and to clean their teeth we give them each half a fresh coconut once a week.The great thing about PowerStance in their diet is their coats. Both of them are 'blonde' and in theory shouldn’t be *obviously* shiny. However, they both have a true gleam and the hair itself is so soft and silky. People are always complimenting them on it! Another big positive is that we don’t seem to have very much s.. Read More

ProFlex® Legs and Joints

“I’ve had Reggie for four years now. He is an Arabian gelding, he was bought as a rescue from the Gympie sales. When I first took ownership of Reggie he was emaciated. Since then I have brought him into working condition. Now that he is in great condition i’ve decided to add some extra things into his diet to further his training. I’ve only recent;y started using Proflex in his diet, however I have noticed a difference in him already. Reggie used to be a bit stiff in his joints but he appears to be a lot more loose and happy now. I’ll be really happy to keep ProFlex included in his diet. ”Sammy Logovik 2017 Read More

Toxin Binder Helps a Moody Mare

"I was so happy to discover that adding Toxin Binder to my mares feed actually made a difference to her ability to focus under saddle, as she had a habit of bucking or rearing as a means to avoid saddle work. It has helped her behaviour as Toxin Binder helps to remove mycotoxin's from her gut, leaving her feeling happier (and healthier!) and allowing the pressure on her belly to not cause any discomfort. Willow looks her best health and though she will always be a typical mare, she is a much happier one! I am glad we tried Toxin Binder and will continue to add this to her feed." Alysha Read More

UlcaBuf® Helping Champions in Endurance Racing

"Great results noticeable improvement in his overall disposition day 4 of treatment. 3 weeks after Jai started UlcaBuf he was entered in an 80km endurance event. Prior to this event he had been withdrawn due to ulcers once at 146km and then at 60km. Jai also was receiving B's continuously for guts sounds. At his first competition 3 weeks after starting the UlcBbuf he ran to his gate to be caught to go to vetting. Ate much better than normal and received all A's for gut sounds. 1 week later he was entered in another 80km event receiving all As and 1s for his vet scores and placed second lightweight on an extremely difficult track."  Rega.. Read More

Placid Rein® Supporting Leeroy on his Endurance Rides

"My endurance horse can be very difficult to manage in the first leg of an endurance ride. He pulls, chases and grunts his way around the first leg and has even been known to throw in a good bolt. In the second leg and beyond though, he is brilliant. I was preparing to enter our first 160km ride and was concerned about how difficult my horse would be at a midnight start in a large group of fresh, fit horses. I started him on placid rein a month prior to the 160km ride after hearing many positive things about this product from other endurance riders. The midnight start came and I walked him up to the start line not knowing what to expect from.. Read More

Toxin Binder Helping Leeroy with QLD Itch and Greasy Heel

"My horse has QLD itch. He has always been rugged over summer. The rest of the year he sports a hogged mane which is dry and flaky no matter what I put in his diet nor how much I groom him. He has also struggled with greasy heal. As soon as it rains I have become accustomed to having to manage greasy heal on his three white hooves. I won some toxin binder in a raffle. I put some in my horses feed and within two weeks the dry, flaky skin that he has just always had was gone. His skin was normal after owning him for 6 years. Not dry, not flaky, not dandruffy, just normal. When the first good rains came I was waiting for his greasy heal to start.. Read More

Turmericle® Supporting Endurance Horse's Joints

"One of our horses was having intermittent lameness at the start of the endurance year. We had a full lameness assessment done with our vet and our horse was turned out to rest a very inflamed coffin joint. I started him on tumericle as well as the prescribed medication given by the vet and within a month he was already moving better. The prescribed medication was only given for one month but I kept the horse on tumericle for continued joint support. After three months of rest and tumericle daily in his feed, he was brought back into work. He was prepared for his first 80km endurance ride and 6 months after his lameness assessment, our vet sa.. Read More

UlcaBuf® Helping Older Horses With Ulcers

"I have been keen with digestive management with my horses since 2007-2008, back when some vets still said that gastric ulcers don’t exist in (non-competitive) horses. Over the years I have battled both gastric ulcers and colonic ulcers in my horses and horses in my community. I have spent thousands trialling the latest ‘product’ that makes claims… only to find improvements in symptoms, improvements in affect, negative screening with one or the other using the Succeed Fecal test but never all the symptoms. I have had NO experience so far with any (non drug) product that can change the Succeed fecal test to negative fo.. Read More

OsmoPlex® Electrolytes For Fussy Drinkers

“In July this year I started using Equitec Performance Products ‘OsmoPlex’ on CP Ellibell. She has always sweated alot and was fussy with drinking on long trips and at competitions. On her first big trip away after starting OsmoPlex to a competition in October, she was a different horse! People were commenting on how much she had matured in appearance, she was drinking and she was jumping her heart out. To say I was impressed is an understatement and to top it off, Ellibell won the Bronze Final on the final day of the Tamworth World Cup event.” Tim Bowman, 2016 Read More

CoolStance CoolStance and Anhydrosis

Read More

CoolStance How to open a bag of CoolStance

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CoolStance CoolStance copra and Anhydrosis

I would just like to say that this feed made a huge change in my horse who has anhidrosis, before copra he would not sweat at all, we would go on trail rides through the national parks, up hills and uneven surfaces and Archer would have loud laboured breathing, be hot to touch with no sweat and his head would hang to the ground and take a long time to recover. Since using copra he lathers up, has more energy and his breathing has improved and recovers quicker. Copra has made my life and Archers life so much better.This was after our ride on the weekend, 2 hours in the bush and he came home like this, usually he would onl.. Read More

UlcaBuf® UlcaBuf For A Cranky Princess

“I just wanted to let you know about the incredible results I have had, feeding UlcaBuf.My mare is 6 years old, very lightly shown but in recent months the thought of her competing againseemed highly unlikely. Her whole demeanor had changed to the point of her becoming dangerous toapproach, rug, feed, catch etc., let alone ride! Shehas always been a bit of a cranky princess, but thiswas another level! I decided to leave her out of thestables at night and no longer put warm rugs oneither.Then, three weeks ago I started feeding her UlcaBuf.I changed nothing else. Two weeks in and she wasa different horse! She is friendly a.. Read More

CoolStance CoolStance for Arabian Champion

"I was hoping to send pic of my boy Monjestic Bay. He is 22 years old and has been fed CoolStance Copra for 20 years. His coat has always looked amazing from it. We recently competed at the Victorian Arabian championships. People were amazed of his age and his condition and that fantastic coat. He was placed champion purebred veteran and top 5 purebred non-pro male. He is my boy. I bred him. So he is very much loved :) " Karen Honeywill November 2018 Read More

Clean Culture® Clean Culture Getting Will His Shiny Coat Back!

“Will is a 4 year old thoroughbred that trialled in March and was sacked as a racehorse. He spelled for 5 months, but didn’t put on much weight (not much grass inhis paddock due to drought). He has been brought back into work 6 weeks agoand still wasn’t looking the best weight wise and was holding onto his winter coatwhich was dull. I visited the Stance Equitec stand at Tamworth World Cup wherethey recommended I try the Clean Culture. Well 10 days on Clean Culture and heis starting to look like a different horse! Finally putting on weight and his coat is soshiny and silky!! I would highly recommend this product for anyon.. Read More

UlcaBuf® Anxious to Settled on UlcaBuf

" For the past 2 yrs we have struggled to find a product to help one of our horses who was for ever having soft , and at times runny poo , anxious and unsettled when taken out to comps . A friend put us onto UlcaBuff and he hasn't looked back. Being anxious has completely gone hes settled, working well , and most importantly no more runny poo. I highly recommend. We are very impressed with this product. " Peta Jewell, July 2018  Read More

UlcaBuf® UlcaBuf Helping Champions

“Our very successful welsh Pony Mare Imperial Bow Bell twice Champion Sydney Royal andNational Pony Of The Year All Breeds winner! Bella had her first foals November 2017 andsuddenly became very stressed when ever she was locked in a box due to the weather or for usto handle the foal and would start licking wall and crib bitting, in every other way she was thesame beautiful temperament mare, we were so worried she would start to windsuck that we didnot show her with the foal at foot and turned her back out in the paddock where she was happyand relaxed. After weaning her foal in the middle of April she was turned out for.. Read More

UlcaBuf® UlcaBuf Keeping Koyla Happier With A Healthy Gut

“ Week 0:• cinchy• ears pinned when saddle raise towards his back• drags back feet• stool are on the soft side with liquid present during defecating• can have liquid when passing gas• his back is sensitive Succeed faecal test : double positive and Faecal ph: 7.84Week 5:• Liquid discharge is less and stool are more formed• attitude is less when saddled• cinch is still present not as intense• still dragging back feedSucceed faecal test: double negative and Faecal ph: 6.53Week 10:• Attitude when saddle all gone• chinch gone• stool normal• no liquid with stools• back is good he is enjoying being groomedSucceed faecal te.. Read More

VitaStance® Feeding for Performance with Stance Equitec

“Thank you guys for helping me make my horses look& feel absolutely amazing! This is my 6 year old Clydiecross mare who stands & 17.1hh. She has come so farsince being on OsmoPlex, VitaStance & PowerStance.”Chelsea, 2018 Read More

GTP® Stance Equitec For Incredible Coat Shine

“Due to rider injury, Haleema TK had been rested for 3 months and was looking wild and woolly when she came back into work. With PowerStance, GTP and Tumericle in her daily diet, it didn’t take her long to come back looking at her best, only 6 weeks! I can’t live without these products and Hilly loves them in her feed too!” Fiona, 2018 Read More

PowerStance® Stance Equitec Giving Haleema TK Incredible Coat Shine

“Due to rider injury, Haleema TK had been rested for 3 months and was looking wild and woolly when she came back into work. With PowerStance, GTP and Tumericle in her daily diet, it didn’t take her long to come back looking at her best, only 6 weeks! I can’t live without these products and Hilly loves them in her feed too!” Fiona, 2018 Read More

ProFlex® Stance Equitec Helping Miss Kelly Look Fabulous!

“I have recently put my daughters mare on your ProFlex and UlcaBuf I have had fantastic results with probiotics and was looking for a product I could feed her all the time plus she has always had a small limp when she is poking around the paddock and even though I have had her on joint formulas I could not get her right. But I am happy to say after having her on the ProFlex for 6 weeks there is not the slightest sign of a limp.She has never been a good doer and I have tried many feeds to get her top line builtup but have hit the jack pot this winter I am feeding her Microbeet, Stance CoolStance copra and her additives. I.. Read More

ProMune® ProMune Has Bond Back To His Superstar Self!

“Wow, coming off a big few weeks completing our first two 2* events I have to say a big thank you to Stance Equitec for getting my main man Bond up and running again. Bond started this season feeling fantastic with a win at Wandincic* in March, but then a couple of weeks later he got terribly sick with a virus,to the point where putting one foot in front of the other in the paddock was a struggle. It looked like we would be kissing this season goodbye, but I thought it was worth adding ProMune to Bond’s feed (which already comprises of a number of my favourite Equitec supplements and CoolStance.) Along with a nice bit of.. Read More

Respirite® Respirite helping Chester get back to feeling great

“Feedback on the Respirite is good! Chester ate it really well even on the first feed. I put it in his feed rather than syringe it. He has a small cup of Gumnuts pellets as the base for a scoop of Tumericle and his minerals, a vinegar based anti inflammatory (for laminitis) and then the Respirite - I thought it would be too much. But he ate it and then started looking forward to it over the following days. He stopped coughing at the seven day mark but had a couple of small recurring sessions later. So I feel it did help. I was happy to do it on the basis of the laminitis episode he was getting over and the help it would.. Read More

Impruval® Impruval Getting Lilly’s Focus and Attention

“I am happy to admit I have always been a massive sceptic of products designed to improve horse’s behaviour. Reason being - and this is why I love the Stance Equitec products so much - is that if your horse is healthy, happy and given the correct training this is generally enough.And I still definitely stand by that. But then, enter Lilly, my absolutely magnificent 4yo OTTB mare. I have never sat on a trot like it, athletic, careful, bold, clever..... I should enjoy every moment with this young horse.... Sadly it is most definitely not the case! I just COULD NOT keep her attention for more than 2 seconds at a time in any.. Read More

Turmericle® Healthy Puppy on Turmericle

“Our Cavoodle (Bear) was recently ill after swallowing something he shouldn’t have. After his operation he wasn’t eating very well and was generally tired and mopey. We were given a small jar of Turmericle from Equitec and started adding in small amounts of it to his feed hoping it might stimulate his appetite. Within a couple days or so his appetite had returned, his energy levels rose two fold. Now a few months in his coat is looking healthier and he is always full of energy. All in all he is a very happy little dog and we’re happy to have him back to normal. ”Juli, 2017 Read More

Turmericle® Turmericle for healthy joints and coats!

“The Turmericle has been outstanding for me and is in my opinion the best thing thats happened for my dogs in all my years of breeding and Exhibiting Show dogs. I’m convinced the speedy recovery from extensive exercise and rigorous strength training is attributed to Turmericle. I have had no issues with lameness or joint discomfort being evident in any of my dogs since introducing them to Turmericle. I Breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers. This breed are well known for doing everything full tilt. A friendly play for my dogs is like watching WMA with all the acrobatic moves to go with it. Thank You, Turmericle is by far the.. Read More

ProFlex® Stacey

“Roy at age 21 was starting to show minor signs of having arthrtitis, stiff gate and reluctant to move forward when asked. After trying numerous Joint products without success, I was reccomended ProFlex by my coach. After a week I noticed Roy was moving more freely, he was very willing to move forward and was generally an all round happier horse inside and out. I am so pleased with the results from ProFlex. I Love that it contains all Natural products and that it is palatable for my fussy horse. I am confident by using ProFlex, retirement for Roy is no longer in the near future.” Stacey, 2019 Read More

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