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Success at Mongolia Naadam

Naadam is the traditional Mongolian festival that that has been held for centuries throughout Mongolian during summer. These games includes horse racing, archery and wrestling.  The National Naadam is held in the capital Ulaanbaatar on July 11 to 13.  Naadam is also celebrated in different regions of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia in July and August Horse racing is a national sport in Mongolia. There are different race divisions, and the horses race from 11-30 km based on the horses age. These endurance horses gallop at approximately 40 km per hour. Stance Equitec is supplying CoolStance in Mongolia.. Read More

Equilibrium Mineral Mix for Optimal Health

I’ve fed Equilibrium Mineral Mix forever it seems.  Our soils in south eastern SA lack many of the minerals our horses need to reach optimal health.  The vitamin and mineral levels in the Mineral Mix are excellent and my horses thrive on it. Attached is a pic attached a pic of my stockhorse X TB gelding I have been using Equilibrium Mineral Mix on him since he was broken in and he always looks in top health. Read More

Equipower Oil and Coat Condition

"This is my daughters cob X paint mare who's on the Equipower maintenance. People quite literally stare at her where ever she goes and cause they know I work at southwest stockfeeds (Wagga Wagga) they stare at me. What's she on? I want that coat! Lol. Such a great product that's easy to sell. It sells itself." Jenna" Read More

Amazing Transformation with PowerStance® and EquiPower Maintenance®

"These are the photos of the day 24th of October 2019 I picked up this 13 yo ASH x Quarter horse from his neglecting home - full of pinworms and itch. He was incredibly depressed and lethargic. I had previously owned this horse and never seen him under 600kgs- on the day of pick up, he weighed in at 350kgs.I received your products on the 15th of January 2020 and instantly begun to add these to their feeds (250g of oaten chaff & mitavite gumnuts with lucerne hay). These are photos taken of him on the 15th of February 2020. Within a month you can see that his coat was dramatically improving and his topline was impro.. Read More

Condition and Topline of Ponies

"Would love to thank Stance Equine for getting me onto this great product- GroStance!! I have to say i love anything that is proven to help my babies and is also extremely healthy! A few weeks back i messaged a staff member and told her i was desperate for something to help nourish and put weight back on my girls! Chiquita the mare i have had since a little girl had a foal the end of last year (only her second foal) and just didn't pick up like she should have! - we wormed her, had her teeth done, started feeding her up but nothing was hiding those ribs! Just after a few short weeks on GroStance and only being fed every second day her ribs ar.. Read More

Endurance Horse Jum Jum Spirit

"Preparing for Australia’s toughest endurance ride takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a balanced diet using the best and finest products on the market. A combination of Stance Equitec products assisted in the development of Jum Jum Spirit’s campaign to qualify and to successfully complete the Tom Quilty 2015. GTP was the icing on top of the combined Stance Equitec supplements. By adding GTP to twice daily feeds three weeks out from the competition, muscles defined, strength became obvious and the finishing touches were complete.  He was ready for action. I would never have dreamt that by adding GTP, all that went before.. Read More

Stance Equitec For Incredible Coat Shine

“Due to rider injury, Haleema TK had been rested for 3 months and was looking wild and woolly when she came back into work. With PowerStance, GTP and Tumericle in her daily diet, it didn’t take her long to come back looking at her best, only 6 weeks! I can’t live without these products and Hilly loves them in her feed too!” Fiona, 2018 Read More

Hemp Hulls and Hearts Helping Judy's Horse With QLD Itch!

"I run a Horse Agistment business outside Brisbane,and have had over two hundred horses go through over the last 10 years. In all the time I have been here we have struggled with Queensland itch horses when they come through. I have feed and washed horses with everything going, and nothing ever seemed to work. If you are super vigilant and rug constantly using ear protect fly mask and covering with invasive pesticides....you MIGHT have half a chance. Well.... I have started using a Hemp Hull and Hearts (HHH), from Stance, and the results speak for themselves.Here’s a picture of Molly who is an extreme itch case. This.. Read More