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SandBuster for Horses Grazing On Sand

“Hey Stance equitec team my name is Phoebe and only recently one of my horses had colic and our local vet recommended your SandBuster product. Luckily our vet had a bucket for us, we straight away fed the horse and the next day he was almost back to himself. We live around some areas of sand and with the drought the horses are eating more than they need.Before we knew that Magnum had colic he would eat slim to no none of his wet feed. We didn’t notice anything straight away but that was to be expected, but he was almost back to normal the next day. The reason why the vet wanted us to as she had gone through a similar.. Read More

SandBuster® as Preventative for Ponies

“Last week I started our two ponies on SandBuster, as current conditions at our place are very dry and dusty. We haven’t had an issues with bloat, colic or impaction yet but I have noticed despite the large feed buckets both ponies will drop feed on the ground and then eat off the dirt. So I decided as a good measure and preventative to introduce SandBuster into their diet. Both ponies, including the fussy one, had no hesitation eating their meals with SandBuster included. Another bonus I wasn’t expecting was that the psyllium husks in the supplement seem to slow down their eating, which is great because they tak.. Read More

Stay Active 4 Dogs® Supporting Joints, Gut and Skin Health

“I just wanted to let you know what marvelous results I have been having with your Stay Active 4 Dogs. I first ordered it in November last year when I needed a joint supplement for my 2 large breed dogs and was on your website ordering something for my horses, so I threw it in my cart. At first I wasn’t a fan of the supplement and decided I wouldn’t order it again - only because the dose was so high. Both my girls weigh 40Kg and only get fed once a day, so the recommended dosage would have resulted in more powder than food in their bowls! I settled for feeding them 4 teaspoons every day in their meal until it was gone.. Read More

Stay Active 4 Dogs® Supporting Joints!

“I have a 7 year old border collie she doesn’t have great hips and often becomes lame and stiff. She is active with life on a farm but I have noticed her not coming around as much. I have just completed a trial of Stay active 4 dogs, I have noticed no lameness. She is not stiff and slow to get up as she had been. I found the supplement to be very palatable for her and easy to mix in food. This has definitely given her a lot of relief and she is back wanting to play fetch and coming to feed all the horses.” Sophie, 2020 Read More

Stay Active 4 Dogs® Supporting playful dogs joints!

“I am writing to update you on Mia’s progress. She has been using Stance Pet Tec Stay Active 4 Dogs for just over a month now.Mia has been noticeably less stiff in her hips since starting on Stance, she needs to be able to get out of her bed with less pain and stiffness especially in the mornings. She is still very excited about chasing her ball and can play for longer with less pain and shorter recovery time in between games. I’m very happy with her progress and will definitely continue to use your product. “ Michelle, 2020 Read More

Stay Active 4 Dogs® Supporting Older Dog's Joints!

“You can’t stop an old dog from playing but you can help ease the pain after! Shout out to Stance Pet Tec!! for this amazing product it’s definitely helping the recovery time after a big swim at the beach” Rosemary, 2020. Read More

Stay Active 4 Dogs® Supporting Older Dog’s Joints!

“To help them in their golden years, our dogs are on Stay Active 4 Dogs, and have been for just over 2 years now. When my daughter came along, feeding the fur babies became the responsibility of my other half and they stopped getting their supplements. As soon as the cool weather started (within few weeks) we noticed both dogs becoming much stiffer in the joints and that was when we realized how much the Stay Active for Dogs had been helping them with their mobility. We make it a priority to give it to them every day to keep them feeling as good as possible!” Stephanie, 2020 Read More

Stay Active 4 Dogs® and Turmericle Golden Gel®

“My favourite stance product has by far been a combination of the Turmericle Golden Gel and Stay Active4 dogs.Having 2 GSPs living on 80 acres they are non stop go! Unfortunately Betty had a run in with a parked car(don’t ask ) and ripped her side open. The scaring we would be told by the vets would be quite significantbecause of the area and how they had to patch her up. Using the gel daily i was shocked to see theamazing results only 2 months later!Then May our solid liver GSP did a cruciate ligament. She is recovering well and the vets were shockedhow quickly she was weight baring and using her leg to near full cap.. Read More

Skin Conditions, Inflammation and Allergies

"I had heard about toxin binders for a while through different people and equine nutrition forums but never really considered using one since my horses are lucky enough to be grazing on improved pasture. Then a few months back my thoroughbred developed scabby itchy patches along his back and down his legs and also noticeable drop in his top line. I tried many different topical treatments and washes but no change his back was hot and sore and no way I could put a saddle on him. I decided I had nothing to loose by trying a toxin binder and within a week his itch was gone. I have also noticed a huge change in his overall condition and energy lev.. Read More

Helps a Moody Mare

"I was so happy to discover that adding Toxin Binder to my mares feed actually made a difference to her ability to focus under saddle, as she had a habit of bucking or rearing as a means to avoid saddle work. It has helped her behaviour as Toxin Binder helps to remove mycotoxin's from her gut, leaving her feeling happier (and healthier!) and allowing the pressure on her belly to not cause any discomfort. Willow looks her best health and though she will always be a typical mare, she is a much happier one! I am glad we tried Toxin Binder and will continue to add this to her feed." Alysha Read More