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Healthy Puppy on Turmericle

“Our Cavoodle (Bear) was recently ill after swallowing something he shouldn’t have. After his operation he wasn’t eating very well and was generally tired and mopey. We were given a small jar of Turmericle from Equitec and started adding in small amounts of it to his feed hoping it might stimulate his appetite. Within a couple days or so his appetite had returned, his energy levels rose two fold. Now a few months in his coat is looking healthier and he is always full of energy. All in all he is a very happy little dog and we’re happy to have him back to normal. ”Juli, 2017 Read More

Turmericle for healthy joints and coats!

“The Turmericle has been outstanding for me and is in my opinion the best thing thats happened for my dogs in all my years of breeding and Exhibiting Show dogs. I’m convinced the speedy recovery from extensive exercise and rigorous strength training is attributed to Turmericle. I have had no issues with lameness or joint discomfort being evident in any of my dogs since introducing them to Turmericle. I Breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers. This breed are well known for doing everything full tilt. A friendly play for my dogs is like watching WMA with all the acrobatic moves to go with it. Thank You, Turmericle is by far the.. Read More

Turmericle® Supporting Joints in Older Dogs

“Sebastian in a 9 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback who has always been a bit stiff in his elbows and joints. As he has gotten older we have noticed his hips starting to give way as well. He would cry and sook after a run or even moderate exercise and ended up limping for days afterwards and in obvious pain and discomfort. Being a big dog we were understanding that this may be his retirement from long runs and fast zoomies, much to his dismay.After having Sebastian on Turmericle for 3 weeks, the difference is unimaginable. He has been coming on nightly 1km+ runs and still bounds out of bed every morning ready to go again... Read More

Skin Conditions

"We purchased Tolly as an eventer in 2011 . He was an 11 year old TB. He had the sarcoid then. You can see the small patch above his eye. The sarcoid hadn’t changed in the two years. My daughter took him from grade 3 pony club to one star in two years. He is a wonderful and much loved horse. The sarcoid got active. Very active. It kind of crept up on us. Like one minute it was fine and next not. We took him to the vets in Ballarat. We were told he would lose his eye as the sarcoid would force his eye closed. As you can see this was already happening. The treatment offered was very expensive and very aggressive. We were not prepared to put him.. Read More

Stay Active 4 Dogs® and Turmericle Golden Gel® Supporting Wounds and Joints

“My favourite stance product has by far been a combination of the Turmericle Golden Gel and Stay Active 4 dogs. Having 2 GSPs living on 80 acres they are non stop go! Unfortunately Betty had a run in with a parked car (don’t ask ) and ripped her side open. The scaring we would be told by the vets would be quite significant because of the area and how they had to patch her up. Using the gel daily i was shocked to see the amazing results only 2 months later! Then May our solid liver GSP did a cruciate ligament. She is recovering well and the vets were shocked how quickly she was weight baring and using her leg to near f.. Read More

Ulcers in Showjumper Noddy

"Noddy is prone to ulcers and never eats when locked up for a few days and is usually super cranky at the same time. He's been on the Ulcabuf since I received it last week and this week he's been locked up due to it raining and being too wet. I’m happy to say he hasn’t lost his appetite and he licked his bin clean and hasn't even been cranky so I'm super happy! I will definitely be placing another order soon because I'm nearly out!" Emily and Noddy Read More

Helping Champions in Endurance Racing

"Great results noticeable improvement in his overall disposition day 4 of treatment. 3 weeks after Jai started UlcaBuf he was entered in an 80km endurance event. Prior to this event he had been withdrawn due to ulcers once at 146km and then at 60km. Jai also was receiving B's continuously for guts sounds. At his first competition 3 weeks after starting the UlcBbuf he ran to his gate to be caught to go to vetting. Ate much better than normal and received all A's for gut sounds. 1 week later he was entered in another 80km event receiving all As and 1s for his vet scores and placed second lightweight on an extremely difficult track."  Rega.. Read More

Helping Older Horses With Ulcers

"I have been keen with digestive management with my horses since 2007-2008, back when some vets still said that gastric ulcers don’t exist in (non-competitive) horses. Over the years I have battled both gastric ulcers and colonic ulcers in my horses and horses in my community. I have spent thousands trialling the latest ‘product’ that makes claims… only to find improvements in symptoms, improvements in affect, negative screening with one or the other using the Succeed Fecal test but never all the symptoms. I have had NO experience so far with any (non drug) product that can change the Succeed fecal test to negative fo.. Read More

UlcaBuf For A Cranky Princess UlcaBuf For A Cranky Princess

“I just wanted to let you know about the incredible results I have had, feeding UlcaBuf.My mare is 6 years old, very lightly shown but in recent months the thought of her competing againseemed highly unlikely. Her whole demeanor had changed to the point of her becoming dangerous toapproach, rug, feed, catch etc., let alone ride! Shehas always been a bit of a cranky princess, but thiswas another level! I decided to leave her out of thestables at night and no longer put warm rugs oneither.Then, three weeks ago I started feeding her UlcaBuf.I changed nothing else. Two weeks in and she wasa different horse! She is friendly a.. Read More

Anxious to Settled on UlcaBuf Anxious to Settled on UlcaBuf

" For the past 2 yrs we have struggled to find a product to help one of our horses who was for ever having soft , and at times runny poo , anxious and unsettled when taken out to comps . A friend put us onto UlcaBuff and he hasn't looked back. Being anxious has completely gone hes settled, working well , and most importantly no more runny poo. I highly recommend. We are very impressed with this product. " Peta Jewell, July 2018  Read More