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Itch In Our Dog Olivia

"Hello there. I'd love to chat about my dog Olivia. She is now so well and so happy. For 4 years she has had intense itchy skin (diagnosed atopic dermatitis by Beth McDonald dermatologist at Sydney Referral Hospital) which started at 12 weeks. She is highly allergic to most plants and most food and I have not used any chemicals on her for 2 years when she scratched all the skin off her neck in response to Frontline. Many many graphic pictures. She has been shaved close to the skin for 3 years until I started her on turmeric and Powerstance when I bought it. Always had fungal problems chewing her feet and her legs and yeast infections in her e.. Read More

Dapples on an Arabian

"Alysha Faets got me on to this. I was having so many problems with my main competition mare as she got very sick at the Arabian Australian Championships and all went downhill from there. 2 different vets and as many tests as we could do and nothing helped.. Silver became quite underweight, poor hoof condition, coat colour was dull and dry, she was unhappy and had a lack of energy (she's known for being lazy but nothing like this) and over all she had lost her sparkle in her eye and half her mane was gone... 8 days it took me to start seeing a difference, and 14 days to a month she was picking up in condition through her body and weight. Her.. Read More

Shiny Coat Covered in Dapples

"I started riding  Make A Wish (Aka Mira)  January 2010 and preparing her for the upcoming show season for her owners.  As she was settling into a new home and schedule she lost a bit of condition, and we tried many weight gain products which, although she did put the weight on and give her a shine, we soon discovered she was not tolerating the excessive protein in the weight gain feed products. Her behaviour was not affected, but she broke out in lumps both side of her neck. We had numerous tests completed and found this to be excessive protein intolerance. I then took her off the high protein diet and needed something to help.. Read More

Coat condition

My daughters pony Ronny: I have used PowerStance on him leading up to the PC State Gymkhana for the last two years running and he has won the presentation section both years! I believe the reason he has been so successful is my use of PowerStance, it’s a fantastic product and am now using it on ALL my horses. “ Andree Ravenscroft Read More

Coat Condition in Ponies

"Splash a sale pony who came to us 4 weeks ago was put on to PowerStance to help his very dull pally coat. WOW look at him now his owners said it does’nt even look like the same pony."  Tui Lodge Read More

Powdered Coconut Oil Is Hassle Free!

"Tully's only been on it for a month or so and I've never seen him gleaming like this. Amazing!! Thankyou Stance Equitec! He's normally got a good shine anyway, but I have to say that the difference in his coat was amazing - AND these photos haven't been touched up - straight from the camera. !! I've put all the neddies on it now - even dear old Arnie at 32 who's coat can get a little scuffy. I used to buy 5 gall tins of canola oil and feed that to them every day, but have cut that out some time ago when I introduced Powerstance to their diet. Less hassle and better results.... Bingo!!" Anne Read More

Healthy Hooves Mane and Tail

"My farrier comments on how healthy Jum Jum Spirit’s hooves are. I put nothing on these tough, healthy feet. It is purely his healthy diet and exercise. Jum Jum Spirit’s glossy coat, healthy hooves and soft flowing mane and tail have improved since PowerStance was introduced into his diet. Packed with all the goodness of coconut oil PowerStance has cleverly been powdered which has made feeding coconut oil a dream." Virginia Dale Read More

Coconut oil for Dogs

"We rescued our puppy from a pound and from the time we brought her home she has had skin irritations. This was probably the reason she was named SLINKY! The condition of her coat deteriorated to the point that the Vet suggested that she might have thyroid cancer. After testing cost over $350 and a clean bill of health, the Vet was still perplexed as to why Slinky’s hair was still in patches. The next course of action suggested was for a skin biopsy to determine if she had any underlying problems. The next Vet bill was over $1,000 after all the medication and tests!!!! Again Slinky was given a clean bill of health. In frustration of con.. Read More

Coconut Oil For Dog's Coats

"Delilah is a 2 year old English Mastiff and her partner in crime is Peggy-Sue a one year old Labrador. These girls are fed a diet of PowerStance, high quality dog biscuits and chicken once a day. They also have large marrow bones as treats and to clean their teeth we give them each half a fresh coconut once a week.The great thing about PowerStance in their diet is their coats. Both of them are 'blonde' and in theory shouldn’t be *obviously* shiny. However, they both have a true gleam and the hair itself is so soft and silky. People are always complimenting them on it! Another big positive is that we don’t seem to have very much shedding eith.. Read More

Stance Equitec Giving Haleema TK Incredible Coat Shine

“Due to rider injury, Haleema TK had been rested for 3 months and was looking wild and woolly when she came back into work. With PowerStance, GTP and Tumericle in her daily diet, it didn’t take her long to come back looking at her best, only 6 weeks! I can’t live without these products and Hilly loves them in her feed too!” Fiona, 2018 Read More