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Combined Mineral Supplement and Condition in Show Arabians

"That stance equine stuff is amazing! Kio had a reaction to bites around mid oct and his coat was terrible always patchy and he kept getting reactions from getting hot. One week back on stance and his coat has grown in nice and even and no more bumps! Thrilled! Also had quite a few people ask what I was doing different with Stawm as his coat and condition looked so good, only thing different was Stance for the week leading up (this was to National Arabian Stud Show in Nov 2013). Thanks for putting me onto such a great product. The first pic (by Samantha Taylor) of our ARP colt Mylani Akio is at the Vic Champs about 2 weeks after his initial r.. Read More

Feeding for Performance with Stance Equitec

“Thank you guys for helping me make my horses look& feel absolutely amazing! This is my 6 year old Clydiecross mare who stands & 17.1hh. She has come so farsince being on OsmoPlex, VitaStance & PowerStance.”Chelsea, 2018 Read More