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Allergies in Grand Prix Dressage Horse BIFF

"This is a photo of my horse Biff taken in 2008 when he suddenly (at the age of 15) became allergic to pretty well everything. Amongst his long list of allergies were all ‘conventional’ horse feeds, but we found the one feed he was not allergic to was CoolStance copra. Since 2008 Biff’s only hard food has been CoolStance Copra & I shall post a photo from this summer.. This photo is my horse Biff taken in July 2012 having just won the FEI Grand Prix at the Cornish Dressage Festival. It’s now just over four years and in that time Biff’s only hard feed has been CoolStance Copra. He is now 19yo and working better.. Read More

CoolStance and Anhydrosis

CoolStance and Anhydrosis (anhidrosis) Read More

Opening a bag of CoolStance

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CoolStance copra and Anhydrosis

I would just like to say that this feed made a huge change in my horse who has anhidrosis, before copra he would not sweat at all, we would go on trail rides through the national parks, up hills and uneven surfaces and Archer would have loud laboured breathing, be hot to touch with no sweat and his head would hang to the ground and take a long time to recover. Since using copra he lathers up, has more energy and his breathing has improved and recovers quicker. Copra has made my life and Archers life so much better.This was after our ride on the weekend, 2 hours in the bush and he came home like this, usually he would onl.. Read More

CoolStance for Arabian Champion

"I was hoping to send pic of my boy Monjestic Bay. He is 22 years old and has been fed CoolStance Copra for 20 years. His coat has always looked amazing from it. We recently competed at the Victorian Arabian championships. People were amazed of his age and his condition and that fantastic coat. He was placed champion purebred veteran and top 5 purebred non-pro male. He is my boy. I bred him. So he is very much loved :) " Karen Honeywill November 2018 Read More

Success at Mongolia Naadam

Naadam is the traditional Mongolian festival that that has been held for centuries throughout Mongolian during summer. These games includes horse racing, archery and wrestling.  The National Naadam is held in the capital Ulaanbaatar on July 11 to 13.  Naadam is also celebrated in different regions of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia in July and August Horse racing is a national sport in Mongolia. There are different race divisions, and the horses race from 11-30 km based on the horses age. These endurance horses gallop at approximately 40 km per hour. Stance Equitec is supplying CoolStance in Mongolia.. Read More

You can't beat CoolStance Copra

“I use CoolStance Copra on all of my horses and they all glow. You can’t beat it” - Michele Robson Read More