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Skin and Coat Condition

"Tumericle, I think one of my favorite products. Although I have many……. So maybe the favorite of the month. My horse had suffered Ross River Fever a few years back and as a result his coat went yellow. I had tried numerous products from all over, even the US that ‘guarantee’ to turn the coats black again. And you guessed it…… none of them did a thing! Except to my bank account! I even had blood test after blood test done. I tried everything to try and get his coat back to normal for over 12 months!! Then I met your wonderful Lisa. A local to my area so I was the luckiest person around having my own sales rep just down the road!! She recommen.. Read More

Turmericle supporting Endurance Horse's Joints

"One of our horses was having intermittent lameness at the start of the endurance year. We had a full lameness assessment done with our vet and our horse was turned out to rest a very inflamed coffin joint. I started him on tumericle as well as the prescribed medication given by the vet and within a month he was already moving better. The prescribed medication was only given for one month but I kept the horse on tumericle for continued joint support. After three months of rest and tumericle daily in his feed, he was brought back into work. He was prepared for his first 80km endurance ride and 6 months after his lameness assessment, our vet sa.. Read More

Turmericle for Muscle Support after an Injury and Coat Shine

“When recovering from a muscle injury in the shoulder, coupled with the upcoming change of season I made the decision to put my 19 year old Thoroughbred Gelding on Tumericle. The change I saw in his coat after just three weeks was amazing, and he’s now happily back in work 5 days a week. His coat really does look a million bucks compared to this time last month.”     Sarah Daniel, 2019 Read More

Turmericle® Supporting 17yr old Retiree’s Joints!

“l had received a tub of which sat in my tack room for quite time before I decided to try it out on Billy-Bob. He was retired as a 6 yo after some lameness issues, went to Werribee Equine Hospital for cynticgraghy of which was inconclusive. There were some arthritic degeneration but nothing to cause his lameness......so he was retired!! Now 17 yrs old he has struggled over the years during winter so l always put him on on a herbal anti-inflammatory. Having the tub of Turmericle in the tack room l thought l would give the a go . OMGOSH......can l just say the cheeky, naughty boy that l bred was back!!!! I have no other.. Read More

Since Turmericle his movement is more fluid and confident

“My horse has received Turmericle in his feed daily for the past two months. I have noticed a significant improvement in his appearance and his performance. In regards to his appearance, his coat has developed a healthy shine. In terms of his performance, my horse is recovering from an unknown injury to his rear leg tendons/ligaments/ fetlock joints. Since starting him on Turmericle his movement has become more fluid and confident. He can enjoy a trail ride without becoming stiff and sore. The family dogs are also benefiting from Turmericle in their daily feed. We have two Border Collies, one five year old and one nine year old. They are en.. Read More

Big fan of Turmericle

"I started my gelding on Tumericle 3 weeks ago. I noticed a change in him after about 10 days. He seemed very focused and his coat was improved! But the proof was over the weekend! We travelled 5 hours Friday to compete in a very competitive barrel racing series over 3 days. We managed to win all 3 rounds and the whole series by quite a margin! He stayed strong, happy and with no sign of muscle soreness or fatigue during the whole competition! This gelding has suffered terribly with a skin condition and I struggle to keep condition on him! Thank you for a great product!!! I am a big fan." - Larissa Read More

Turmericle works and I’m lucky it worked so fast

“This was my mares face that actually looks pretty good in that photo. Skin scrapings on her leg came back as 2 different types of fungus that wouldn’t clear up no matter what fungal treatments I used internally or externally. What a waste of money for all the blood work just so I could use all the fungal treatments making sure they didn’t damage her liver or kidneys when all along I could have been using Tumericle which I found out about through this facebook group last year. I used Turmericle for about 6 or 7 months and the mare didn’t always eat it all every day twice a day but as you can see the results are amazing on her face and.. Read More

Amazing results from feeding Turmericle for just 6 weeks.

Amazing results from feeding Turmericle for just 6 weeks. - Julia Read More

After only 3 weeks I could see a difference when on Turmericle

“A year ago I started adding Turmericle to the the feed of my Percheron, Opie, to help with his itchy and sore tail. After only 3 weeks I could see a difference, with the redness reduced and hair beginning to regrow. Now, one year later, his itch has practically gone and he looks INCREDIBLE. Thanks for making the best product ever, he has been on it for a year straight, I cant stop raving about it.” Macy Read More