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Colic in Arabian mare Maya

"My Arabian Mare, Maya has been having Gastro intestinal issues for the past 6 years, basically the whole time I have had her. Mostly nasty spasmodic colic’s that come on frequently but resolve rather rapidly as well. She has been treated for Ulcers over the past 6 years. She has had ultrasounds, blood tests, belly taps repeatedly over the past 6 years, but in the past few months she had them all done again. Nothing unusual comes up in her tests, so we still have no official diagnosis for her. We know that she is very sensitive to sugars and fructans in the grass and her feed contains no sugars or grains. Most of her flair ups are over the s.. Read More

Gut condition

"I purchased him at the end of last year which was at the time an extremely risky purchase: - he had never scored over 50% in dressage - he always had rails - he had control issues  But there was something about him I really liked and just hoped that I could bring out the best in him. When I got him I was fairly confident some of his issues were tummy related. I put him on comfort gut, a toxin binder, which seemed to work quite well and his results were great - never missing out on a ribbon. He then started to go off his food, his poo became pretty well diahorria, he lost weight. I stared him on cool stance and he did start to pic.. Read More

Clean Culture and Digestive Issues

"Meet Electronic Fortune, an ex race horse from Hong Kong. Since retirement Fortune and I have teamed up for a few trail rides and a couple of recent adventures in Show Jumping. The First picture is him in early January 2016. He was getting hard fed twice a day, lots of hay and had plenty of grazing, but his coat was dull and he wasn’t gaining any weight despite all the feed. I gave him a course of Equitec Clean Culture (10 days) as I suspected at the very least he had digestive upset if not ulcers. Following the course he immediately started to pick up. His coat improved and he started to gain weight. The second picture is him two week.. Read More

Journey To Health with Clean Culture and Respirite

"We bought this mare in this skinny condition (top image). She was clearly unwell. Your sponsored rider Tim Bowman suggested I try Equitec Clean Culture and Respirite to detox her system. I’m very happy with her improvement. Together with great food and lots of love, I really do believe your products turned her around in two weeks! These photos are a month apart...we reckon she gained 150kg at least ...and no sign of her cold. She’s looking beautiful now and better every day."Monika Read More

Clean Culture Getting Will His Shiny Coat Back!

“Will is a 4 year old thoroughbred that trialled in March and was sacked as a racehorse. He spelled for 5 months, but didn’t put on much weight (not much grass inhis paddock due to drought). He has been brought back into work 6 weeks agoand still wasn’t looking the best weight wise and was holding onto his winter coatwhich was dull. I visited the Stance Equitec stand at Tamworth World Cup wherethey recommended I try the Clean Culture. Well 10 days on Clean Culture and heis starting to look like a different horse! Finally putting on weight and his coat is soshiny and silky!! I would highly recommend this product for anyon.. Read More

A course of Clean Culture made a shining difference

“I purchased Bond at the end of last year which was at the time an extremely risky purchase: He had never scored over 50% in dressage, he always had rails, he had control issues xc. A 10 day course of Clean Culture and WHAT a difference. He is waiting at the gate and neighing for his food. He has gained weight. He is so shiny. He licks his bowl clean. He seems much more relaxed and happy in himself in the paddock and to handle (he is generally pretty good under saddle anyway!). This product is brilliant and I’m so glad I’ve found it as he is a little stress head so tummy issues will always be part of his management. Thankyou so much!”- Ash.. Read More

I will be reaching for Clean Culture now instead of the Ulcer Meds

Maya was put on a 10 day course of Clean Culture right after cyclone Ita hit. I didn’t see much change at all during the course, however was really surprised 2 days after the course was finished. She just looked better in herself and she looked like she had put on weight. Another week went by and it's like she is suddenly able to utilise nutrients in her food again. Thanks for coming up with a great product. I will be reaching for the Clean Culture now instead of the Ulcer Meds if we ever have another flair up.”- Tegan Ford Read More