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Equipower Oil and Coat Condition

"This is my daughters cob X paint mare who's on the Equipower maintenance. People quite literally stare at her where ever she goes and cause they know I work at southwest stockfeeds (Wagga Wagga) they stare at me. What's she on? I want that coat! Lol. Such a great product that's easy to sell. It sells itself." Jenna" Read More

Amazing Transformation with PowerStance® and EquiPower Maintenance®

"These are the photos of the day 24th of October 2019 I picked up this 13 yo ASH x Quarter horse from his neglecting home - full of pinworms and itch. He was incredibly depressed and lethargic. I had previously owned this horse and never seen him under 600kgs- on the day of pick up, he weighed in at 350kgs.I received your products on the 15th of January 2020 and instantly begun to add these to their feeds (250g of oaten chaff & mitavite gumnuts with lucerne hay). These are photos taken of him on the 15th of February 2020. Within a month you can see that his coat was dramatically improving and his topline was impro.. Read More