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Noddy no longer suffers from sore kidneys since using Hepadine

“I have recently tried the Hepadine on Noddy, my main showjumper, and I’m so amazed with the results. Noddy suffers from sore kidneys quite often after big shows so I thought it would be the perfect product to try. He was back feeling great after just a few days on it (but I carried on to finish the 10 day course). His coat is so smooth now that he almost looks bald. Fantastic for a horse that usually suffers from dry skin etc and is now looking amazing all the time. Thanks for another great product!” - Emily Read More

No longer underweight and unwell, since Hepadine

This guy came in from the Winter paddock underweight and not well. First we drenched him then put him on Clean Culture for 10 days with a slow intro of hard feeds. After a couple of months I did 10 days of Hepadine! Below are the before and after shots.” -Sammy Read More