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Hydration and Sweating

"I had been having a few respiratory issues with my top horse and wanted to make sure that he was back feeling his best as soon as possible. I had tried a few other products with no luck, until I tried Equitec Osmoplex. Within just a week of using Osmoplex he was nearly back to normal his sweating had increased and his puffing had decreased. He was suffering anhydrosis. His first weekend back competing, on Osmoplex he placed top 4 in every class including jumping only one of two clear first rounds in the Grand Prix. I will certainly be continuing to use Equitec Osmoplex and hope to try a few of the other products due to the great success I ha.. Read More

Helping With Anhidrosis (anhydrosis)

"It's not a long one but a few years ago I had taken my horse Jake (Brave Hope) to a dressage competition at PRARG (Park Ridge QLD). We had gone out many times without ever having shown signs of anhidrosis, but this time was different, it was summer so fairly warm day, I had ridden my test but by the end of it Jakes heart was pounding and he wasnt sweating, I scratch the next test and spent an hour cooling him down before even trying to take hime home. He was born at Tambourine so was accustomed to QLD climate, had not been ill, so it was very worrying why this had happened all of a sudden. The only thing I could think of was that he had had.. Read More

Electrolytes For Fussy Drinkers

“In July this year I started using Equitec Performance Products ‘OsmoPlex’ on CP Ellibell. She has always sweated alot and was fussy with drinking on long trips and at competitions. On her first big trip away after starting OsmoPlex to a competition in October, she was a different horse! People were commenting on how much she had matured in appearance, she was drinking and she was jumping her heart out. To say I was impressed is an understatement and to top it off, Ellibell won the Bronze Final on the final day of the Tamworth World Cup event.” Tim Bowman, 2016 Read More