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Placid Rein® Attitude and Behavior of Nervous Horses

"Placid Rein would have to be one of the best products I have used on the market for uptight, highly strung and nervous horses. With having a team of show horses in the past I have tried and tested numerous products to aid in calming these types of animals. Nothing has  come close to the response Placid Rein has. My team of horses successfully competed at the recent Sydney Royal show performing at their best handling the electric atmosphere with ease, feeling very relaxed but with enough 'energy' to cope with the week long event. For  my mares that have a lot of blood it keeps their level of excitement under wraps, my thoroughbred w.. Read More

Placid Rein® Jum Jum Spirit the Quilty Endurance Horse

"I love being met over the fence by bright, shiny, healthy eyes. Jum Jum Spirit is a picture of health thanks to the combination of Stance Equitec products. As an endurance horse Jum Jum Spirit trains hard and eats like he is famished. The energy that is required to pound out the distances that we do in the time allocated is enormous. The combination of Stance Equitec products with the inclusion of EquiPower Maintenance has produced excellent results. In the past twelve months Jum Jum Spirit has successfully completed ten endurance rideswith two of those being 160km. I cannot recommend Stance Equitec products highly enough as our results spea.. Read More

Placid Rein® Supporting Leeroy on his Endurance Rides

"My endurance horse can be very difficult to manage in the first leg of an endurance ride. He pulls, chases and grunts his way around the first leg and has even been known to throw in a good bolt. In the second leg and beyond though, he is brilliant. I was preparing to enter our first 160km ride and was concerned about how difficult my horse would be at a midnight start in a large group of fresh, fit horses. I started him on placid rein a month prior to the 160km ride after hearing many positive things about this product from other endurance riders. The midnight start came and I walked him up to the start line not knowing what to expect from.. Read More

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