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Joints and Legs

"A.S.H.  Driscolls Kintire, At age 17 with an issue of an abscess which turned into a mild case of laminitis which reoccurred a year later again resulting this time with a slightly rotated pedal bone. After recovering from the second issue of laminitis I discovered ProFlex when I went to the horse chiropractor, Robert Humphries. After using the ProFlex for a short time I noticed a difference in the size of the small calcification on the near side front pastern which had the slight rotated pedal bone, the ProFlex would shrink and control this while being used. Had no more reoccurrence of laminitis or any arthritis after using ProFlex. Pro.. Read More

Legs and Joints

"I have been using Proflex with confidence. My horses have been feeling fantastic. For peace of mind, it's a low cost way of knowing I'm assisting with recovery and helping to maintain healthy joints for the future." Natasha Nilsson Read More

Legs and Joints

“I’ve had Reggie for four years now. He is an Arabian gelding, he was bought as a rescue from the Gympie sales. When I first took ownership of Reggie he was emaciated. Since then I have brought him into working condition. Now that he is in great condition i’ve decided to add some extra things into his diet to further his training. I’ve only recent;y started using Proflex in his diet, however I have noticed a difference in him already. Reggie used to be a bit stiff in his joints but he appears to be a lot more loose and happy now. I’ll be really happy to keep ProFlex included in his diet. ”Sammy Logovik 2017 Read More

UlcaBuf and ProFlex Helping Miss Kelly Look Fabulous!

“I have recently put my daughters mare on your ProFlex and UlcaBuf I have had fantastic results with probiotics and was looking for a product I could feed her all the time plus she has always had a small limp when she is poking around the paddock and even though I have had her on joint formulas I could not get her right. But I am happy to say after having her on the ProFlex for 6 weeks there is not the slightest sign of a limp.She has never been a good doer and I have tried many feeds to get her top line builtup but have hit the jack pot this winter I am feeding her Microbeet, Stance CoolStance copra and her additives. I.. Read More

Stacey - arthritis and stiff gait

“Roy at age 21 was starting to show minor signs of having arthrtitis, stiff gate and reluctant to move forward when asked. After trying numerous Joint products without success, I was reccomended ProFlex by my coach. After a week I noticed Roy was moving more freely, he was very willing to move forward and was generally an all round happier horse inside and out. I am so pleased with the results from ProFlex. I Love that it contains all Natural products and that it is palatable for my fussy horse. I am confident by using ProFlex, retirement for Roy is no longer in the near future.” Stacey, 2019 Read More

I use ProFlex as I'm conscious of doing what I can for joint health and the longevity

"I use ProFlex® because I'm conscious of doing what I can for joint health and the longevity of our riding career."- Fiona Read More

Since using ProFlex after Kissing spine surgery, I am amazed at the improvement

"Koda has had kissing spine surgery and has chronic weakness in his lion/sacroiliac region. I have been feeding Proflex® for a little under 6 months and I am honestly amazed at the improvement! Koday is happy to be back jumping and has improved noticeably in his paces, especially his trot."- Kat Read More

The improvement was noticeable within a week of commencing ProFlex!

"The improvement was noticeable within a week of commencing ProFlex! His beautiful free-flowing movement returned!"- Jackie Read More