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ProMune Has Bond Back To His Superstar Self!

“Wow, coming off a big few weeks completing our first two 2* events I have to say a big thank you to Stance Equitec for getting my main man Bond up and running again. Bond started this season feeling fantastic with a win at Wandincic* in March, but then a couple of weeks later he got terribly sick with a virus,to the point where putting one foot in front of the other in the paddock was a struggle. It looked like we would be kissing this season goodbye, but I thought it was worth adding ProMune to Bond’s feed (which already comprises of a number of my favourite Equitec supplements and CoolStance.) Along with a nice bit of.. Read More

After a week on ProMune Baci returned to his usual antics

My horse, Baci, was struck down by an unknown virus. He was listless and refused to eat anything aside from grass and hay (this was a concern due to the shortage of both grass and hay). I needed him to return to eating his hard feed as soon as possible as it was winter and I did not want his condition to deteriorate.   ProMune was recommended by the Sales team of Stance Equitec. As he would not eat any hard feed, I tried to give him ProMune by itself. Baci licked it straight from the palm of my hand with no complaint. The next day I mixed the ProMune with a handful of CoolStance Copra which he willingly consumed. After a few days.. Read More