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Respirite for Harness Racing Horses

"As a Standardbred owner, I had endured many successive seasons where at times my racing team was adversely impacted by illness. To remain competitive, equine health is essential to remain viable. The cost and frustration of sending the team for a spell and having them worked back to peak racing fitness is significant. Respirite is a product that reinforces the equine immune system to such an extent that periods of sickness have been significantly reduced in severity. My team have now been using Respirite for about 4 years with results that have been very satisfactory. During this period, my team have not been afflicted with a significant ill.. Read More

Respirite helping Chester get back to feeling great

“Feedback on the Respirite is good! Chester ate it really well even on the first feed. I put it in his feed rather than syringe it. He has a small cup of Gumnuts pellets as the base for a scoop of Tumericle and his minerals, a vinegar based anti inflammatory (for laminitis) and then the Respirite - I thought it would be too much. But he ate it and then started looking forward to it over the following days. He stopped coughing at the seven day mark but had a couple of small recurring sessions later. So I feel it did help. I was happy to do it on the basis of the laminitis episode he was getting over and the help it would.. Read More

Journey to Health with Respirite and Clean Culture

"We bought this mare in this skinny condition (top image). She was clearly unwell. Your sponsored rider Tim Bowman suggested I try Equitec Clean Culture and Respirite to detox her system. I’m very happy with her improvement. Together with great food and lots of love, I really do believe your products turned her around in two weeks! These photos are a month apart...we reckon she gained 150kg at least ...and no sign of her cold. She’s looking beautiful now and better every day." Monika Read More

Respirite has been a true savour!

‘Respirite is an absolute essential staple in our stable. Between a horse that had a lingering cough for almost 6 months only present during exercise and trying everything the vet could recommend to another that presents regularly with allergies particularly towards stable shavings he isn’t used to, this is a true savour! Both horses symptoms improve significantly once respirate is added to their feed and is something we always keep on hand from now. We now use it as a preventative in situations we know may cause a flare up and have had tremendous results. We can’t recommend it enough!’ - Maddi Ball Show Ponies  Read More