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Skin Conditions

"We purchased Tolly as an eventer in 2011 . He was an 11 year old TB. He had the sarcoid then. You can see the small patch above his eye. The sarcoid hadn’t changed in the two years. My daughter took him from grade 3 pony club to one star in two years. He is a wonderful and much loved horse. The sarcoid got active. Very active. It kind of crept up on us. Like one minute it was fine and next not. We took him to the vets in Ballarat. We were told he would lose his eye as the sarcoid would force his eye closed. As you can see this was already happening. The treatment offered was very expensive and very aggressive. We were not prepared to put him.. Read More

Stay Active 4 Dogs® and Turmericle Golden Gel® Supporting Wounds and Joints

“My favourite stance product has by far been a combination of the Turmericle Golden Gel and Stay Active 4 dogs. Having 2 GSPs living on 80 acres they are non stop go! Unfortunately Betty had a run in with a parked car (don’t ask ) and ripped her side open. The scaring we would be told by the vets would be quite significant because of the area and how they had to patch her up. Using the gel daily i was shocked to see the amazing results only 2 months later! Then May our solid liver GSP did a cruciate ligament. She is recovering well and the vets were shocked how quickly she was weight baring and using her leg to near f.. Read More