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Skin Conditions, Inflammation and Allergies

"I had heard about toxin binders for a while through different people and equine nutrition forums but never really considered using one since my horses are lucky enough to be grazing on improved pasture. Then a few months back my thoroughbred developed scabby itchy patches along his back and down his legs and also noticeable drop in his top line. I tried many different topical treatments and washes but no change his back was hot and sore and no way I could put a saddle on him. I decided I had nothing to loose by trying a toxin binder and within a week his itch was gone. I have also noticed a huge change in his overall condition and energy lev.. Read More

Helps a Moody Mare

"I was so happy to discover that adding Toxin Binder to my mares feed actually made a difference to her ability to focus under saddle, as she had a habit of bucking or rearing as a means to avoid saddle work. It has helped her behaviour as Toxin Binder helps to remove mycotoxin's from her gut, leaving her feeling happier (and healthier!) and allowing the pressure on her belly to not cause any discomfort. Willow looks her best health and though she will always be a typical mare, she is a much happier one! I am glad we tried Toxin Binder and will continue to add this to her feed." Alysha Read More

Helping Leeroy with QLD Itch and Greasy Heel

"My horse has QLD itch. He has always been rugged over summer. The rest of the year he sports a hogged mane which is dry and flaky no matter what I put in his diet nor how much I groom him. He has also struggled with greasy heal. As soon as it rains I have become accustomed to having to manage greasy heal on his three white hooves. I won some toxin binder in a raffle. I put some in my horses feed and within two weeks the dry, flaky skin that he has just always had was gone. His skin was normal after owning him for 6 years. Not dry, not flaky, not dandruffy, just normal. When the first good rains came I was waiting for his greasy heal to start.. Read More

Toxin Binder helping Fjord Pony, Ida

I would like to share the story of my Fjord pony Ida with RE MOVE and hope I can help other horse owners.It all started maybe 3 years ago when Ida suddenly was blowing food out of her nose. This occurred only once a year so I wiped it off and thought “thats it” as after an hour or so it went back to normal. But significant was her growing belly,that everyone asked me when she would be “due”. This year we were going through a nightmare: On August 1st she was blowing all her food out of her nose and again on the 14th and the 22nd when I called the vet. Ida started having severe colics in front of the vet and was rolling.. Read More

Toxin Binder Support For Horses in Dry Conditions

“2 weeks ago I started my 10 yr old gelding on Stance Equitec Toxin Binder and I couldn’t be happier. I recently moved to a new property with no grass and a lot of weeds due to the bad drought here in central qld. My boy started to lose weight very quickly. I tried diet changes with no luck of him gaining weight. He also developed behaviour issues, head shaking, coughing and had black teeth and tongue. In just 4 days on Stance’s Toxin Binder he started to gain weight and topline back and his teeth are no longer black. 2 weeks on he is much happier and healthy and my 4 yr old son can now safely ride his horse again. I.. Read More

Toxin Binder for Skin Issues

“I have had amazing results with the Toxin Binder in just a week she was completely clear of all scabs. She’s completely cleared up now such an awesome product.[the before picture]  This was 4 days after we got her we couldn’t touch her nose her ears putting an halter on her was such a mission she was in so much pain it was so sore...It’s been 3 weeks since we started adding the Toxin Binder into her feed and my 8 year old daughter can now catch her un assisted” Kirstie, 2020 Read More