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SandBuster for Horses Grazing On Sand

“Hey Stance equitec team my name is Phoebe and only recently one of my horses had colic and our local vet recommended your SandBuster product. Luckily our vet had a bucket for us, we straight away fed the horse and the next day he was almost back to himself. We live around some areas of sand and with the drought the horses are eating more than they need.Before we knew that Magnum had colic he would eat slim to no none of his wet feed. We didn’t notice anything straight away but that was to be expected, but he was almost back to normal the next day. The reason why the vet wanted us to as she had gone through a similar.. Read More

SandBuster® as Preventative for Ponies

“Last week I started our two ponies on SandBuster, as current conditions at our place are very dry and dusty. We haven’t had an issues with bloat, colic or impaction yet but I have noticed despite the large feed buckets both ponies will drop feed on the ground and then eat off the dirt. So I decided as a good measure and preventative to introduce SandBuster into their diet. Both ponies, including the fussy one, had no hesitation eating their meals with SandBuster included. Another bonus I wasn’t expecting was that the psyllium husks in the supplement seem to slow down their eating, which is great because they tak.. Read More

What a great product SandBuster is, it has worked wonders!

My ASH had a round of SandBuster at the start of the month. What a great product, it has worked wonders! We had been trying straight psyllium husks once per month and they helped a little but not that much, but the SandBuster worked way better and had a longer lasting effect which is fabulous. I’m now feeding SandBuster once a month.” -Leanne Read More