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Stance Equitec Giving Haleema TK Incredible Coat Shine

“Due to rider injury, Haleema TK had been rested for 3 months and was looking wild and woolly when she came back into work. With PowerStance, GTP and Tumericle in her daily diet, it didn’t take her long to come back looking at her best, only 6 weeks! I can’t live without these products and Hilly loves them in her feed too!” Fiona, 2018 Read More

Amazing Transformation with EquiPower Maintenance® and PowerStance®

"These are the photos of the day 24th of October 2019 I picked up this 13 yo ASH x Quarter horse from his neglecting home - full of pinworms and itch. He was incredibly depressed and lethargic. I had previously owned this horse and never seen him under 600kgs- on the day of pick up, he weighed in at 350kgs.I received your products on the 15th of January 2020 and instantly begun to add these to their feeds (250g of oaten chaff & mitavite gumnuts with lucerne hay). These are photos taken of him on the 15th of February 2020. Within a month you can see that his coat was dramatically improving and his topline was impro.. Read More

Joints and Legs

"A.S.H.  Driscolls Kintire, At age 17 with an issue of an abscess which turned into a mild case of laminitis which reoccurred a year later again resulting this time with a slightly rotated pedal bone. After recovering from the second issue of laminitis I discovered ProFlex when I went to the horse chiropractor, Robert Humphries. After using the ProFlex for a short time I noticed a difference in the size of the small calcification on the near side front pastern which had the slight rotated pedal bone, the ProFlex would shrink and control this while being used. Had no more reoccurrence of laminitis or any arthritis after using ProFlex. Pro.. Read More

Legs and Joints

"I have been using Proflex with confidence. My horses have been feeling fantastic. For peace of mind, it's a low cost way of knowing I'm assisting with recovery and helping to maintain healthy joints for the future." Natasha Nilsson Read More

Legs and Joints

“I’ve had Reggie for four years now. He is an Arabian gelding, he was bought as a rescue from the Gympie sales. When I first took ownership of Reggie he was emaciated. Since then I have brought him into working condition. Now that he is in great condition i’ve decided to add some extra things into his diet to further his training. I’ve only recent;y started using Proflex in his diet, however I have noticed a difference in him already. Reggie used to be a bit stiff in his joints but he appears to be a lot more loose and happy now. I’ll be really happy to keep ProFlex included in his diet. ”Sammy Logovik 2017 Read More

UlcaBuf and ProFlex Helping Miss Kelly Look Fabulous!

“I have recently put my daughters mare on your ProFlex and UlcaBuf I have had fantastic results with probiotics and was looking for a product I could feed her all the time plus she has always had a small limp when she is poking around the paddock and even though I have had her on joint formulas I could not get her right. But I am happy to say after having her on the ProFlex for 6 weeks there is not the slightest sign of a limp.She has never been a good doer and I have tried many feeds to get her top line builtup but have hit the jack pot this winter I am feeding her Microbeet, Stance CoolStance copra and her additives. I.. Read More

Stacey - arthritis and stiff gait

“Roy at age 21 was starting to show minor signs of having arthrtitis, stiff gate and reluctant to move forward when asked. After trying numerous Joint products without success, I was reccomended ProFlex by my coach. After a week I noticed Roy was moving more freely, he was very willing to move forward and was generally an all round happier horse inside and out. I am so pleased with the results from ProFlex. I Love that it contains all Natural products and that it is palatable for my fussy horse. I am confident by using ProFlex, retirement for Roy is no longer in the near future.” Stacey, 2019 Read More

ProMune Has Bond Back To His Superstar Self!

“Wow, coming off a big few weeks completing our first two 2* events I have to say a big thank you to Stance Equitec for getting my main man Bond up and running again. Bond started this season feeling fantastic with a win at Wandincic* in March, but then a couple of weeks later he got terribly sick with a virus,to the point where putting one foot in front of the other in the paddock was a struggle. It looked like we would be kissing this season goodbye, but I thought it was worth adding ProMune to Bond’s feed (which already comprises of a number of my favourite Equitec supplements and CoolStance.) Along with a nice bit of.. Read More

Harness Racing Horses

"As a Standardbred owner, I had endured many successive seasons where at times my racing team was adversely impacted by illness. To remain competitive, equine health is essential to remain viable. The cost and frustration of sending the team for a spell and having them worked back to peak racing fitness is significant. Respirite is a product that reinforces the equine immune system to such an extent that periods of sickness have been significantly reduced in severity. My team have now been using Respirite for about 4 years with results that have been very satisfactory. During this period, my team have not been afflicted with a significant ill.. Read More

Respirite helping Chester get back to feeling great

“Feedback on the Respirite is good! Chester ate it really well even on the first feed. I put it in his feed rather than syringe it. He has a small cup of Gumnuts pellets as the base for a scoop of Tumericle and his minerals, a vinegar based anti inflammatory (for laminitis) and then the Respirite - I thought it would be too much. But he ate it and then started looking forward to it over the following days. He stopped coughing at the seven day mark but had a couple of small recurring sessions later. So I feel it did help. I was happy to do it on the basis of the laminitis episode he was getting over and the help it would.. Read More